Friday, May 11, 2012

Food Facts Friday: Little Pains in the Arse

I had my scare for the day. Of course it was from one of my little pains in the arse. It started with a phone call. I looked down, saw the number come up on the caller ID and thought, "Uh-oh, it's the school."

I took a deep breath, held it in, released, picked up the phone and said, "Yes. Ok,  what's up? What evil, horrible thing did my child do?"

It was my son's English teacher, "Hi is this 'mini-man's' mom?"

I thought, 'What the heck ...Why do I get the phone calls from the school? I was a saint in school. No one ever had to call up my parents.'
What the....
What could be so hard, he just has to wake up, go to school and freakin' sit there and now, get this ...LEARN! What an absurd idea, right?

"I know Mother's Day is coming up ..."

OMG....she is sooooo mad that she wants to make sure I do not have one ounce of happiness on Mother's Day! It must be bad. Brace yourself.

Mini-man's English teacher, Mrs B, continued, "I just wanted to tell you some positive things, about your son that will make you proud and really enjoy this Mother's Day weekend."

"Huh? You mean my son is NOT in trouble?"

"No, no, no, in fact we had a student led discussion, today, and he really showed leadership, he was very well-prepared and very thoughtful and very reflective about the large issues."

OMG! I was so grateful! Mrs B had so many positive things about mini-man - I wanted to push my arms through the phone and give her a great big hug!

It's celebratory. 
Of course, it is, heck, it's MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND! 

And just like that, my troubles melted 'like lemon drops!'
Go mini, Go mini, Go mini, woooo!
After my head came back down to earth, I couldn't help but wonder what this weekend would have been like if the phone call wasn't positive. My head was pounding. I got myself so nervous and worried that I actually gave myself a headache! I got myself an Advil (ibuprofen, otherwise know as a NSAID, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) and thought, 'Well it's a good thing I'm off, today, and don't have to run.'

Did you know that ibuprofen can contribute to increased levels of bacteria in the blood of endurance athletes 
and is associated with kidney inflammation 
and in some cases, mild kidney dysfunction?

I have been really careful with my recent pain in the "butt" (different from pains in the arse from children) not to take ibuprofen before my long runs. Besides the fact that NSAID's can mask pain that you should probably pay attention to during a run, it could also lessen the stresses of exercise needed to activate certain pathways, like those that increase collagen and lead to stronger tissues and bones. This could lead to future injuries, which, could lead to taking more NSAID's, and so on and so forth.

Even more frightening, according to research, endurance runners who took an ibuprofen before and during an endurance race showed signs of mild kidney impairment and a low-level of endotoxemia, a condition which bacteria from the colon leaks into the blood stream.

So, what do you do when your sore, hurt or injured?
Scale back or, now get this ....REST!
Another absurd idea, right?


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