Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wedenesday at the track: OUCH!

Today, I still had to put up with this pain in my left butt cheek. The pain goes down my left leg, and then to my heel - it makes running that first mile very uncomfortable. Today, I ran a two mile warm-up, very slowly, before I hobbled onto the track.
Gotta love Maxine!
Okay, it's not that bad.
I told Coach it's a 3.5, on a scale of 1-5. 
His advice: "Stop if it reaches a 4! For now, do 6 strides at a slower pace ..."

After the strides, the pain felt the same, not better, and thankfully, not worse. I took the work out a little slow. I completed four sets of 1000meter runs with a 200meter jog between each set. My pace was about 7min10sec to 7min20sec.

The last set, the pain reached a 4. It was obvious, too. During the last 400meters, my pace dropped down to about 7min35sec.

Maybe it's good that I have two finals coming up: one tomorrow and one on Monday least I was able to sit, read and study after my track work out.

I also visited my favorite doctor, my chiropractor!

Today, the adjustment wasn't as painful as last week's. As with my coach, my chiropractor says that I should keep icing all the sore parts: butt, leg & foot. He also thinks I should kick it back a notch.
That advice hurts more than the pain in my butt!

It's hard to admit when you gotta cut back ...and it's even harder doing it. 
It's weird to have an injury from something you love doing. 
It's weird having to cut back on something that has, in the past, made you feel healthy, but when injured, interferes with your health.

This cutting back concept is good advice, and I'll take it because I want to be able to do my best in the 13.1 I'm doing in Massachusetts at the end of this month, but like most medicine, it's a hard pill to swallow!
Got my tart cherry juice, some chia chargers, studying and cutting back!
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