Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday at the Track: Piriformis My Arse!

You would think since I'm not taking any summer classes, I'd have more time on my hands. 
Since I posted last Friday, it's been non-stop.
Last Friday was fun - my daughter went to her junior/senior prom.
Pre-prom Picture Time
I had about 40-50 people over for a pre-party soiree! 150 pieces of sushi went like hot cakes! Thank goodness, 'cause that just does not keep!
Side-kick, Girlfriend, Me & Mini-man
in our Memorial Garden<3
A couple of people hung out afterward. It was nice, but after volunteering at Kessler Rehab all day, I was exhausted. This is where I've been spending a chunk of my days. I volunteer in the nutrition department 3 days/week. The rehab center provides acute care for patients suffering from strokes, aphasia from brain trauma, surgery or strokes, diabetic amputees, and seniors who have fallen & suffered fractures. It really puts eating healthy & exercising into perspective.
This was all too true on the track today. Any other day, I would have thought Coach was going too easy on me. I started out with 1.25mile warm up and continued with four 100meter sprints. Last week, I got down to an 18sec 100meter sprint & I felt as if I reinjured myself. So this week, I took the sprints slower, and pushed out 22-23' sprints. I don't want to screw things up for my 1/2 in Boston this Sunday.

After telling Coach that I was sore after last week's workout, he designed today's workout to be "easy". I ran four sets of 200 meters with 30' rest/30' stretch between each set. My pace goal was 3:33/set!

Afterward, I told Coach I was going to cool down with a 2mile jog. 
"No, no, no! Just 1mile. You need rest & ice. 
Go home & ice your foot (plantar fasciitis), your hamstring & your butt!"

I complained, "But my mental health, I feel like I need more."
You know that, 'I'm still not centered' feeling? 
Like you need to run at least a couple of more miles?

Ech, I hate this injury! It is better (thank God), but I really work on it. And I have come to define it. I can tell, it's my piriformis, not my hammy. On the track, my hamstrings only start to hurt at the end of the workout, when my glutes get tired. 
In fact, I went to my chiropractor for an adjustment & he told me that it sounds like piriformis syndrome.  He suggested a laser treatment after adjusting my spine. 
Yes, and now I can tell the world my arse has been layered! 
Well actually, just my piriformis!

And right now, I'm sitting on a tennis ball that's massaging my butt. My butt has never received so much special attention! Only negative attention ...I've been told that I really don't have much of a butt, that my legs just sort of continue to my back. I say, nonsense, I do have a butt & lately, it's been hurting like hell!

Just gotta keep rockin' the ice, foam roller, LAX ball, tennis ball, laser, chiropractic adjustments & arnica gel with menthol, not to mention ant-inflammatory foods, like tart cherry juice and omega-3's!

PS: Contemplating running the NYMarathon ...any thoughts? See this is what happens when someone tells an A-type personality to take it down a notch!
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