Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday NOT at the Track: Ode to my left knee

I love Barbara Streisand.
I think she is one of the greatest singers of all time.

She has had some incredible songs, but there is one song I love to listen to on my iPod while I'm running:
"Don't Rain On My Parade"
It's so gutsy. It's a fighting song! And, it's great to run to! 

Today, I heard it when I was at the gym, while I was warming up on the rower - I know ...awful, dreadful and oh so not running, but I have to start somewhere, and I had to get warmed up before I did some isometrics for my knee ...which is healing! Yup, I was actually able to climb up and down the stairs today at the Rehab Center where I volunteer. I try to cover up my hobble there, because I feel so pathetic knowing that my hobble is self-induced ...I knew something was wrong with my knee last Thursday, but I was determined to run my half in Boston on Sunday. There are lots of people dealing with far worse than my sore knee at the Rehab Center - some are dealing with recent leg amputations, while some are stroke patients and others are victims of a fall or accident.

Working out to "Don't Rain On My Parade" is encouraging, especially when running. Since I haven't been running, I am starting - I can feel it - to slip into crazy, little by little, each day. And I guess that's why, on my track day, with no track work out, I have changed the words of Ms Streisand's song ...
It is now, "Knee, Don't Rain On My Half Marathon Dreams". 
It's an ode, okay sort of threat, to my hurt left knee ....
Listen here, Knee: Heel, or else ...
"Knee, Don't Rain On My Half Marathon Dreams"
by Half-Crazed Runner
Don't tell me not to live,
Just sit and putter,
Knee - don't you know life's candy & the sun is butter.
Don't bring around some pain
To rain on my half marathon dreams!

Don't tell me not to jog -
I've simply got to.
Knee, if someone takes a spill, it's me & not you.
Who told you you're allowed to rain on my half marathon dreams?

I'll run my ass off,
to the beat of my drum,
And if I'm breathed out, (I know it's stupid)
It's your turn at bat, Knee.
At least I didn't fake it.
Fake Knees!
Knee, sir, 
I guess I didn't make it (to the track today)!

Whether I'm the rose
Of sheer PR perfection,
Or a tiny freckle on life's complexion,
Track cinders, or the shiny apple of the track,
I gotta run once,
I gotta jog once,
Only can die once, Right, Knee?

Oooh, Gu is juicy,
Juicy, and you see
I gotta have my Gu, Knee!
Get ready for me, Knee,
cause I'm a runner,
I simply gotta sprint or dash this summer,
My heart's a runner.
Don't bring around a cloud
To rain on my half marathon dreams!

I'm gonna run and run now!
Get what I want - like that new PR & how,
One half for all fifty and bang,
One sprint when that bell goes clang,
Eye on the finish and wham,
One half, just one (more) half, and BAM!

Hey pain in the Knee,
Here I am ....
And no Knee, 
No, no, Knee
Is gonna rain on my on my half marathon dreams!

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