Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back at the track!

I made it to the track today!
First time in about 1month.
I ran 1.75 warm-up miles, stretched and did some fast twitch straight leg swings squeezing my quads, hammies, glutes and core.

Next, Coach had me run some sprints. I was definitely afraid to re-injure myself. I ran four 100meter sprints and was surprised to see that I could push out each one in about 22/23seconds.
Then Coach told me to try six 400meters at 7minute pace.
I did - even had some at 6:40pace!
BUT ...the best part pain!

Coach asked if I wanted to do 2more sets.
Of course, I said,"YES!"
Before ya' knew it ....
I'm was finished with that guy!
Overall, it was a great first day back at the track. 
I felt wiped out after all eight 400meters, but I pushed out a slow cool down mile and followed up with lots and lots of stretching. Tonight, I am definitely foam rolling and icing. My quads, hammies and piriformis are already starting to feel very tight!
I'm going to take it easy tomorrow, 
and run only 4 easy miles or SPIN on Saturday.
I also have to remember to 
take it slow, to go fast
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