Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's So Exciting!

After months of failures, the engineering firm that is building the prototype to meet the specs of an abdominal/core fitness device that Side-kick and I have a provisional patent for just e-mailed us with great news:
They are closer to finalizing an updated version of the prototype design!
... It's so exciting! 
Having this patent come to fruition and then, to market, so that all can have ripped abs and a solid (running) core would be a dream come true.

Just think, all you women out there could be even more bad ass than the Queen Mum herself ...
Gotta love her - white gloves and all!
...and all you guys, well, The Situation will have nothing on you!
The first prototype worked, which was remarkable in and of itself - it weighed about 300pounds and could double as a weapon of mass destruction, but, hey, it worked!

Can't wait to see the updated, new and improved prototype!
I hope it will be the ultimate core exercise device to 
Train Smart Today!

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