Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday At The Track: No Weird Grinding!

Today went like this:
Woke up at 5:03. Got dressed, made the bed, made coffee, grabbed a Klean Kanteen - filled it 1/2 water & 1/2coconut water, ate 1/2 a NoGu Organic Protein Bar w/some coffee, hopped in the car and went to the gym.
Driving Girlfriend's car to the gym was weird with the word "Señor 2013"
on every square inch of window!
At the gym, I warmed up with the rower for about 10minutes. I like getting a little Ab workout on the rower, so I put my feet on the ground, instead of the foot rests. I can always feel it in my obliques if I twist a bit while I pull.

Next more Abs, Bi's, Tri's, Quads and Hammies. This was the first day I was able to do hamstring curls without pain! Yeay!
So far, So boring, right?
Next stop, home to make sure the kiddies are up and moving, eating and getting ready for school. Ate my usual Cheerios with organic blueberries and granola and crushed flax seeds.
I do love to mortar & pestle the crap out of those flax seeds!
Kids are off. Read some e-mails to Rehab.
I'm new at this rehab stuff, so I don't know what's going to happen each time I go. Today, my PT heated up the whole left side, IT band and quad. Then he manipulated my knee cap, stretching the ligaments that hold it in place. Then came the It band, quad, piriformis and hammie stretches - I did not know I could stretch so far!
Well, hello Boys & Girls.
To stretch your piriformis, start in this position!
Who remembers Gumby in black & white?
Okay, I'm really dating myself!
Then, wait for it ...the real excitement in my day happened: Electrical Stim. The PT put gel on my left quad and smooshed on two rubber disks over the gel. The disks were attached to two wires, which, when he turned the machine on, tightened my quad muscle (VMO) up like I was contracting the muscle. It was the weirdest feeling. Almost like getting a little electric shock. I had to squeeze my left quad every time the impulses turned on, which was every 10seconds. Everyone was making fun of me 'cause I was really dorky laughing, cringing, yelling, "OMG, This is so weird!"
What can I say. 
It was weird!
Then everyone started to stare like they were worried and wondering why I was freaking out?
"Is it too much for you?"
Inner voice: Shut up, girl or they're going to turn this thing down. You wanna run don't you? They think you're complaining, hold it together and heal! Heal little patella heal!
"No, I'm fine, thanks." was weird!
After the electric stim, the PT taped me up & I was free to go.
Granny Knee!
Me: "Can I run? 'Cause I was gonna try 5miles today?"
PT: "I think you'll be fine.
Holy you know what! That's all he had to say ...
Next Stop: 
Home to get my sneakers, Garmin, heart rate monitor and sunglasses. 
And another Klean Kanteen - filled with 1/2water & 1/2coconut water.
It's like 100*F (37.7*C) today, which I thought was okay 'cause it would force me to take it slow. And slow I did ...
Now, that's what I call exciting!
I know, it doesn't take much!
But the best part about this run was the post run pain: 
My knee didn't hurt or have this weird grinding feeling I've been experiencing, and no, this is not because I can remember Gumby in black & white!

On the subject of Gumby (again), one thing I do religiously after every work out is stretch. And I don't skimp. I repeat all the stretches I do in rehab, hold for 30' and repeat for 3sets.
Stretching can be boring, 
especially after all the 'excitement' 
I experience each day! 
But it's definitely helping. 
I encourage all runners to stretch.
If you have a favorite, share them here...
Train Smart Today!
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