Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday (Night) at the track: ROAR!

That's right! 
I ran 2.55miles on the track tonight!
I met Coach, took it slow and ran for 21.2 minutes!
I even taped up my own knee!
My Chondromalacia Patella pain is subsiding. It has to be all the stretching and strengthening exercises the PT prescribed. I stretch my quads, hammies, IT band, inner & outer thighs and my gastrocnemius twice a day! I hold each stretch for 30seconds and do about three sets per side. I even bought that Pro-Stretch for my plantar fasciitis pain.
This Pro-Stretch doesn't look like much, but it works!
And the knee strengthening exercises, I do six sets (with 2.5lb. ankle weights!) per leg. Every night I do about 20minutes on the foam roller and twice a week, I go to the chiropractor for an adjustment and cold laser therapy on my knee.

I really saw a difference last week after the PT taped me up.
Professionally taped!
Of course, I had to take full advantage of that tape - 
so I signed up for a spin class this past Saturday.

I didn't go to my regular gym - I went to a spin studio that everyone rants and raves over. It's owned by the make-up artist, Bobbi Brown. Bobbi Brown loves spin and she wanted to open a spin studio where she lives - lucky for me, that's the town next to mine! It really is a great studio. It's very cool inside with exposed bricks in an old, 1950's-ish building. The stereo system was great, the air conditioning was just right and the teacher was so full of energy!

I don't know what happened to my knee, but after that class, I was walking fine. I didn't have any anterior knee pain & my knee felt strong. I wanted to run, but just kept going with the elliptical, until today.

This morning, I ran for 2miles on the treadmill at the gym. After the 1st mile, I had a tiny bit of pain and started to cry, thinking 'what if it gets worse, and I can never run again?' But I put it on an incline, which took some pressure off my knee, and went very slow - like 10-11minute miles.

Afterward, I texted Coach and told him that I ran! That's when he said to meet him on the track ...tonight!
And the rest is bliss!
I taped up my knee (thanks to the peeps at
and ran Two+ miles, on the track!
Coach is going to e-mail me a schedule - something like 2 days on 1 day off.
I can't wait!
Until then,
more stretching,
knee exercises,
cold laser therapy,
nightly foam rolling 
and, I almost forgot
....tiger balm!

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