Friday, July 6, 2012

Food Facts Friday: The Best Diet of All!

Sometimes, I feel as if I am the only one who cares about the health issues in my family, community, state, country, heck ...the world.

That is, until today ... 
I can't believe it, the London Assembly may ban Coca-Cola AND McDonald's from the 2012 London Olympics! One month to the Olympic games and the London Assembly, est. year 2000, has urged the International Olympic Committee to adopt strict criteria regarding which companies can and cannot sponsor the Games and that means:
No Coca-Cola
Micke Dees!
This is crazy, Coca-Cola is the longest running sponsor of the Games - since 1928! And McDonald's has been a sponsor of the Olympic Games since 1976! Together, they contribute more than 40% of Olympic revenues!

McDonald's executives defended their products, touting the healthier items (albeit, less popular) on their menu, such as the grilled chicken wraps, salads and fruit smoothies.
I'm Lovin It ...I think.
Now, I am not a Coca-cola soda drinker, although I do drink (and enjoy) diet Coke every now and then. I also do not eat McDonald's. (Shhh, don't spread this around, but I think I'm the only American that does not like french fries!). For reasons like the London Assembly, I refuse to promote products from ANY company, that promotes enzymatically-altered ingredients, such as high fructose corn syrup, or chemically-altered or genetically modified ingredients because I am disgusted that companies exploit basic human need for food to turn out cheaper products for a profit.

Also, as far as fast food, there is just no place for it in my diet. I think of fast food as the last resort, when you are starving, and have no choices around - like when you are traveling by car on the highway and must stop because you simply cannot go any longer without food.
Desperation could lead me here!
But, what about financing The Olympic Games? 
Without Coca-Cola & McDonald's, 
the Games will be in some serious financial woes!

Well, like everything political, I am sure there will be some revelation, where Coca-Cola and McDonald's will prove their "self" worth and regain their tight advertising and sponsorship hold of the Olympic Games!

Maybe, Coca-Cola and McDonald's would be interested in an article entitled, "The Best Diet of All", published in The Daily News, back in June, this year. The article was based on a two year study of 811 overweight and obese men and women. In this study, each participant lowered their daily caloric intake by 750 calories, however, they all did it differently. Randomly, they were assigned one of the four following diets:
Low-fat/Average protein
Low-fat/Average Protein
High-fat/Average Protein
High fat/High Protein

Participants were required to prepare and eat food, according to the diet they were assigned. Researchers met with the "dieters" periodically to make sure they were sticking to their assigned diet and to assess their progress.

After 6months, researchers were happy to see that most of the people in all four groups were sticking to their diets. After 6months, on average, participants lost 12% fat and 3.5% lean body mass, which, according to the article was "healthful".

After 2years, though, researchers reported that adherence to all four diets was poor. On average, those participants, who did not hold steadfastly to their diet, gained back about 40% of what they lost at the 6month mark.

Only the participants who stuck to their diet for the full 2years continued to 
keep off the weight that they lost at the 6month mark.
The type of diet did not matter!
It only mattered that 
the dieter stuck to 
the reduced-calorie diet!
(Hint: If you're looking for a diet plan, choose one that you think you'll be able to stick to!)

The article goes on to report an explanation for this research, which was given by  Dr Bray, chief of clinical obesity and metabolism at Louisiana State University's Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge.
The explanation was very simple, supported by basic human metabolism: 
You either burn off, or do not eat, 3500 calories 
to lose one pound. 
It does not matter if these calories come from fat, protein or carbs!
A calorie is a calorie!

So, to the London Assembly, I say: Maintain some financial security, and secure sponsorship from Coca-Cola or McDonald's because,
(OMG, I can't believe I'm going to say it ....)
These companies are not causing obesity!!!

Wow, would you have ever guessed it? 
People's behavior and over-consumption of Coca-Cola and McDonald's products is causing obesity!

And...get real, just because the London Assembly says "NO" to 
Coca-Cola or McDonald's,
obesity is not going to go away, for
"It is easier to change a man's religion, than to change his diet" 
~ Margaret Mead ~

Heck, that's like me thinking this blog can actually make a healthy difference in my family, community, state, country, or the world. I can dream....
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