Friday, July 20, 2012

Food Facts Friday: A Magic Food Cure

If you were given just a short amount of time to live, would you go hog wild and eat everything you fancied?
Pig Out Time!
Would you care if you ate healthy? 
Would eating even matter if you were in pain? Food probably wouldn't even appeal to you, if you were sick, in pain or not feeling well. Everyday at the hospital, I see people who either love, are indifferent or can't stand the sight of their food. Some folks are excited to complete their menu, some look at it as if it's just another chore, and others tell me they don't care, they have no appetite, everything tastes the same or they feel sick to their stomach when they see, smell or even think of food.

I like the idea that food can nourish us and make us strong, protect us against infections and diseases, and/or heal us when we are sick and tired, and even comfort us when we are sad.

Wouldn't it be great if there were some kind of magical food? A Magic Food Cure! Something I could introduce to the hospital that could be written on the menus. It could help people get stronger, fight whatever ails them, heal or feel better.

No, I'm not going crazy ...not even Half-crazy. I just wish I had A Magic Food Cure. There are so many people I would give it to. One in particular, my friend, Anne.
My Friend
I've known Anne since I was 22. We went to Aetna's Engineering Skills School together, up in Connecticut. Six weeks of learning everything from restaurant, warehouse and elevator safety to construction safety, chemical storage and what to look for when inspecting the fifth wheel of a tractor trailer!
We didn't get to choose who are roommates were, 
but fate couldn't have planned it any better. 
I fell in love with Anne's Oklahoma accent, long strawberry blonde hair, gorgeous big blue eyes, and her kind, sweet personality. And smart, boy oh boy is she ever smart! We had the best fun in that short six weeks. One weekend, we took a drive and she spotted a "Hock"
Anne: Look there. Quick, it's a "hock"?
Me: Where?
Anne: Up there?
Me: Where? What the heck is a "hock"?
Anne: Right there (pointing to the sky).
Me (think New Jersey accent): That's not a "hock", that's a "hawwwwwk"!

Anne and I have kept in touch through all of life's ups and downs. Boyfriend woes, weddings, marriage, baby births, kids growing up and sadly, September 11th when I lost my best friend, my husband, John. It was good to hear her voice, back then, knowing my friend, half-way across this country, was praying for me and rooting for me to carry on with my kids.

About 1year after John was killed, Anne called to say she was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. After Anne's surgery and chemo, they found that the cancer traveled to her humerus, which doctors eventually replaced with a steel rod. Next, they found breast cancer cells in her brain, but, as she told me, "The good news is that I have been on so much chemo that these breast cancer tumors are already dying!"

Anne fought the cancer and started to heal. In 2004, I took my children to visit her.  She was amazing. Still a little weak, but so happy she could walk and get around. I remember her telling me a story of how the Physical Therapists put her in a pool so she could relearn how to walk. It is a gift to be able to move freely. I hope I never take for granted the ability to run, never mind walk.

Anne's story is amazing. She is amazing.
It has been a blessing that she has been in remission for the last 9 years!

A couple of months ago, I noticed that Anne stopped posting on Facebook, so I "inboxed" her. She said that she was fine, just feeling tired, and maybe just a little too lazy to post. She told me that I wasn't the only one who asked her why she wasn't posting stuff. Little did we know, but Anne was most likely feeling the repercussions of another brain tumor. This time, it is not breast cancer cells, but cancerous brain tissue.

You know, social media tools are amazing. Now, patients or their families can set up patient pages on websites, like CaringBridges. I have been tracking my friend's progress from surgery to rehab.

Today Anne called.
The prognosis regarding her brain tumor was shocking.
They gave Anne 1year to live.

Anne is at peace, knowing that she will follow the doctor's orders, but that God may have other plans for her. Anne feels blessed that she had been given these past 9years, based on all that she went through with the breast cancer.

I am in shock. 
I must be brave for my friend. 
I just wish I had something I could give her,
something like A Magic Food Cure.....

Train Smart Today!
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