Thursday, July 5, 2012

Leaving my ego at the door

Running provides a bunch of little life lessons, 
some of which can be very humbling. 
Today was a perfect example. 
The pain from yesterday's workout at the track, only got worse throughout the night. Somewhere around where the posterior side of my left upper hammy meets my pelvis, specifically by my sit bones (Tuberosity of  the ischium), I am inflamed!
And damn, it hurts!
Only pic where I could find
Ischial Tuberosity/Hamstring Insertion
I feel really uncomfortable going to my chiropractor and saying, "Hey can you do that cold light laser somewhere by my lady parts/groin/ass/hamstring area." So, I decided what I needed, was to just run.
I know, I am pitiful.
But, and this is a huge BUT ...running has always been there for me. It has gotten me through so many fearful, anxious, sad, happy, fretful, innocent, angry, etc., etc., etc. times in my life.
Surely running cannot be the very thing that is causing me pain ....
Besides, Coach's homework included a 5mile run, today. 

I decided to go to the gym. At 11AM, it was already 98*F (36.6*C) - so, the air conditioned gym seemed reasonable, in spite of my unreasonable goal to accomplish 5miles with all this tightness and pain in my whole left-side pelvic/ass/hammy/whatever region.

I got to the gym, started the treadmill, pushed the "SPEED" button and got up to 9miles/hour pace, when, all of a sudden,
OUCH: Knee pain! 
Slow down, Half-Crazed!'
Oh, no. Not the knee pain, again. I thought I was done with that ... What's going on? 9miles/hour is slow for me. Remember me, back in January, I was rockin' it on the treadmill
I paused the treadmill.
The tears welled up in my eyes,
I took a deep breathe and thought,
"You just gotta leave your ego at the door, and take it slow."

I restarted the treadmill, at 15miles/hour. After about mile 3, I built up to 10miles/hour, and held it for 1 more mile.
No, I didn't run all 5miles, I only ran 4.
Yes, I cried at the end of today's workout ...but I did it.
And that's an even bigger BUT!
I finished with lots of stretching, foam rolling and some abs/core exercises.
Today's was very humbling.
But, that's running.
And sometimes, 
you just gotta leave your ego at the door.

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