Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday at the track: Uncoordinated!

Even though Coach is enjoying his new Granddaughter (so excited for him!), he sent me an e-mail with my "homework" for the week. This included today's track work out.

I have had some weird issues going on with my Glutes/Hammy/IT band on my left side, which have again, been pulling on my knee. After last Saturday's 13miles, I drove to my chiropractor's office. My chiropractors are a husband and wife team, and I usually see Dr Lou, but when I saw Dr Jayne, I was soooo happy. I just wanted a good old girl to girl time - especially talking about my ARSE!. Any way, Dr Jayne adjusted me and cold light layered my entire left side: Glute/Hammy & IT Band. At the time, my knee was fine and I felt pretty good for the rest of the day.
Love cold light laser!
On Sunday morning, I volunteered for my local running club's 5K Park Race - I didn't realize how gross ripping off the bar code at the bottom of a race bib could be - and, I'm sorry, but some people really need to man-scape!
Sweat & Hairiness = Gross!
That's right, this is what I'm talking about!
After the volunteering, I ran a recovery run, about 4miles. That's when I noticed my knee acting a little funny, again.
Yeah, not cutsey-funny like this!
Sad, miserable funny, like: What the heck?
And when I ran on Tuesday, at the gym, I felt uncoordinated. I told Side-kick, it's like I don't have full control over my left leg - it's like being right handed and trying to write with your left hand. Soooo, back to the chiropractor, I went. Dr Jayne thinks that the whole Glute/Hammy/IT Band area is so inflamed that it's pressing on some nerves, which are not sending the right message to my left leg, which is why I feel as if my left leg is not cooperating when I run. This is good, kinda', I guess, 'cause for years, my Sissy has been calling me a "Spaz" and I thought maybe she was right on, after all! You know, I run 'cause I can manage going forward - but that even seems to be challenging lately!

That's why today's track workout was challenging. I ran a 2mile warm-up, stretched and did four 100meter strides. I was off by 3-4seconds per stride. I couldn't help it because I felt very uncoordinated. It's a very weird feeling.

Next, I had to run four 300meters at 6:40 pace. I did not quite get down to that pace, but took full advantage of the 100meter jog between sets. After this, I stretched some more and headed over to a hilly part of the park for some hill training.
This was the best part of my work out!
I ran up the hill, at a good tempo pace. The hill inclines for about 1/4mile. I didn't think I could do it, but I kept a good solid <8minute pace going up the hill, for all three runs!
After the hills, I jogged back to the track and ran four more 300meter sets at about 6:50-7:00minute pace. The last set, I forgot to stop at the 300meter mark and ran the entire 1/4mile. That's what happens when I don't have Coach there screaming, "Stop, (whistle, whistle), STOP!" I had to laugh at myself - I go so into pushing out that run that I forgot to stop!
I cooled down with a mile run and lots of stretching afterward. 
On the brighter side, I am up to 8 (consecutive) minutes with my planks!
Three minutes front elbow planks!
Two minutes left side planks, Two minutes right side planks!
Happy Training & Running!
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