Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday at the track: Happy 4th of July!

Today I woke to rain, achilles fasciitis heel pain, and an awful headache, which eventually moved into my stomach! Not a great motivator for "Wednesday at the Track".
But I pushed, 
ran a very slow 2mile warm-up 
and six 100meter strides at a 21second pace.
I was actually proud of my stride pace since I've been experiencing some piriformis and hamstring pain, again. It's a bit frustrating because I've been rolling and stretching and strengthening - so I'm getting impatient. I'm also beginning to wonder if I have reached my fastest speed and I will never get any faster.

The workout for today was a ladder, up and down and up again
 ...but no back down. 
I ran 1,2,3 & 400meters with a 100meter jog between each, then I went back down, 4,3,2 & 100meters, again with a 100meter jog rest between each. I was supposed to repeat the ladder (up & down), but it was so hot, and I was experiencing this darn left side/leg pain, that I told coach, I was only going back up the ladder and not down - I repeated 1,2,3 & 400meters again, taking a much needed leisurely jog rest between each set. I was happy that I was able to push out a 6:30/6:40pace, but it was so hot that my H/R raced up close to my MAX range - This was another reason why I didn't want to go back down the ladder. Three times the ladder was plenty in this heat!

Afterward, I ran my mile cool down, with some more pain. Ech!
And ended with lots of stretching.
I'm glad it's a holiday! I can rest, relax & take in some sun!
Davila, Flanagan & Goucher representing!
Happy Fourth of July!

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