Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday: Not at the track

I'm in a carpool and today was my day to drive, so Wednesday at the track will happen tomorrow and be ....wait for it ...
Thursday at the Track!
Instead, this morning, I went to the gym and trained. Since I hurt my knee, I've been incorporating some new leg and core exercises. My favorite new leg (really glute and hammy) routine includes the USALifeline Monster Walk Resistance Band.
Yeah, only I'm not all smiles when I'm pushing these puppies out!
These are tough. 
I go forward and back, about 20feet, repeat about 4times and do the same thing, moving sideways. Yowser. I feel like I look ridiculous when I do these exercises. I feel like a baby with a full diaper - you know, when they first figure out how to walk and they're avoiding your chase to wrestle off that smelly, gross, way too full thing. So, Monster Walks really shouldn't be my favorite new exercise, but they are because when I'm done with these exercises they make my ass feel like it's about 20years younger!
Note: Did not say ass looks 20years younger!
For more glutes and some quads, I've been doing body squats. Two sets of 50. I like to tuck my pelvis under on the way up and engage my hip flexors. Keeping those hips tucked helps to keep the lower body aligned & reduces potential for low back pain/soreness.
More pelvic tuck in the stand position (left pic.), and more sticking out of the but (right pic),
Gotta stick your but out like you're hovering over a gross Port 'o John toilet seat!
(That's redundant, isn't it ...gross & Port 'o John?)
I also mix in some isometric leg extensions with ankle weights:
Like these, but with ankle weights and hold straight out with a little up/down pulse.
These extension exercises start out easy, but after about 90reps (small up/down movement), my quads are burning! I do this exercise with my leg straight out and to the side (at a 45*angle). I repeat lots of sets (9-10) with a bunch of different foot positions: pointed, flexed, inward & outward.
Bottom Line:
 These exercises must be working because I haven't needed any tape, since last Wednesday!
After the carpool, I ran 5miles. It was like running in an oven. This heat is getting to be too much. It's like running in jelly, uphill.
Gratuitous pic. to evoke feelings of sorrow and pity for me
during my 90*F (32.2*C) five mile runs.
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