Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Wonderful Sunrise Runs

My morning sunrise runs continued to be spectacular throughout my vacation week in the Southwest.

The run along Lake Powell was not as challenging as my run along the Grand Canyon rim. The lower elevation really helped. And even though Coach gave me "homework", I've been taking advantage of the beautiful scenery and tacking on an extra 1/2 mile or so.
Sunrise on Lake Powell
The scariest or "really cool surprise" on my Lake Powell morning run was the coyote that ran in front of me. At least he/she stopped for a picture. My hands were shaking, so it's not that clear!
Coyote at Lake Powell
My next morning's run was along the Bryce Canyon rim. This run was like the run along the Grand Canyon rim: VERY challenging. The sun seemed to take its time coming up over the hoodoos, so a good portion of my run was with very little light. That and the 8,000' elevation made this run seem like work every step - but fun work, you know?
Bryce Canyon Rim: running with the hoodoos
At least running has kept me in shape and I was able to keep up with the kids on a mule ride later that day down Bryce Canyon! I'm not brave when it comes to heights, so this was, for me, a facing your fears moment, even though our guide, Hank, toed me and my mule! But, hey, not bad for a chick who grew up 12miles west of Manhattan!
Half-Crazed trusting my guide, Hank ...
'cause the turn to go down is that edge you see past this mule's nose!
Girlfriend and Mini-man riding down Bryce Canyon, Utah
Thanks Hank( and kids), for bearing with me and my fear of heights!
That little 8year old girl, in the background, was my inspiration to keep going forward!
If she only knew how inspiring she was, to me!

I'm better off sticking to running - at least I know I can get both feet on the ground when I stop! So, the next morning, that's what I did Zion. Another section of paradise!

With the Virgin River right next to me, I passed Mule Deer, frogs, Stellar's Jays and tarantula's (oh, yeah)! Like the other runs, it was also amazingly spectacular.
Morning run in Zion
I feel so fortunate to have visited some of our great National Parks. Discovering their morning personalities with a run was truly a blessing. I have such a greater appreciation for our National Parks. Each time I ran, I kept thinking:
Ask not what our earth can do for you, 
but what you can do for our earth...

Running through our National Parks was amazing and such a great way to
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