Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday at the track: Once Upon A Tear

The cold laser is really helping.
Thanks, Dr Jayne!
Last week, I was so inflamed that I had pain from my hip to my plantar fascia. It was awful. Since last Wednesday, I had two more cold laser therapy treatments. Drugs mask the pain, but the cold laser stops the pain & promotes healing. It's really great!
I also went back to my orthopedic doctor. 
I was describing all my aches & pains, when he stopped me mid-sentence, "When did you say you tore your hamstring?"
Me: Back in 2004, why?
Doc: When did you say you felt this recent problem start up?
Me: In the beginning of May. I was at the track & I guess I was getting tired. I was doing twelve 200meter strides. I was on #11 & it felt like my left leg jammed into the track.
Doc: I think you re-tore your hamstring, not like you did back in 2004, but just a little. You know tears can always present problems. Then he dropped the bomb:
Once a tear, always a tear.
Just what I wanted to hear!
So, I'm going back to PT, but this time for some strength and stretching exercises to work this very sore Hammy/Glute unit.
In the meanwhile, I'm trying to keep up with my training and today wasn't half bad.  
I ran a 2mile warm up, then broke into four 100meter strides. Last week, I was so uncoordinated, it was taking me up to 23seconds for a 100meter strides. Today, I actually did them in 19seconds!
Thursday at the track!
Next, I ran two 400meter sets at 6:40min/mile pace with a slow 200meter jog. Then, I ran one 800meter set at a 7min/mile pace, followed by a slow 400meter jog. Then, I repeated all of the sets.
Afterward, I ran my mile cool down and I had a little pain. 
Ssssh, don't tell Coach (he's still visiting his family & getting Grandpa time with his new baby granddaughter), but I had to stop and walk a little on this cool down run. I was really proud of my body holding out today, but my legs felt very heavy and tired. Throughout the cool down, even though the workout was tough and my legs felt heavy, I kept wondering why Coach didn't assign me one more set?
I guess he's still taking it easy on me.
Good thing - I'm was a little sore in that cool down.
Well, I'm writing this while watching my son & his buddy strength train for wrestling and they're almost done, and that means blog time is over!
Obligatory blog pose:
The guys & their post workout recovery protein shake!
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