Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday at the track: Imagination!

I was late to the track, today. I was skype-ing with my daughter's friend and his parents. 
They live in Spain and Girlfriend is going to visit them in a few weeks.
Mini-man, Girlfriend and Her friend from Spain
So, because I was late, I only ran a mile warm-up. 
Next up, Strides: Four 100meter strides. I imagined I was Carmelita Jeter for 19sec, 19sec, 19 sec and another 19sec - I know, I know, not quite 10.78seconds on the 100meter - I'm a little slower - I'll blame it on the fact that I've been glued to the Olympics and staying up way past my bedtime for the last couple weeks! That's a good reason, right?
We love you Carmelita!
Congratulations! You are awesome!
Coach was back today and he shared his adorable pictures of his beautiful Grand baby. He is on Cloud 9! It's such a site to see. I'm so happy for him!
Coach went a little easy on me, today. 
I ran 250meters at 6:20-6:30pace, jogged about 150meters and repeated 8 more times. I concentrated on my form. Kicked quick and with force, and I tried to widen my strides - I imagined I was Sanya Richards Ross ...
Go Sanya! You are amazing! Congratulations!
Wow, look at that stride!
Afterward, I ran a 2mile cool down and stretched, stretched, stretched. Of course, I'm not as limber as Aly Reisman or Kyla Ross, but when I am stretching, I AM:
Kyla Ross, how do you do that?
Congratulations, Aly Reisman slayed it on the floor last night!
Absolutely beautiful!
Imagination is a weird thing. I wonder who motivates these elite athletes - if they ever imagine they are like someone, or like something, while they are training. I wonder what they are thinking when they are competing?
Does someone or something motivate you?
What/who helps you to
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