Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gasp! I completed my Daily Mile Run 1000Miles in 2012 Challenge!

When I first signed up for the Daily Mile "Run 1000 Miles in 2012 Challenge", I thought, "Sure, girl, go ahead. You're running anyway - might as well join in." So, I did ....and each week, I would check my progress. 
That's when I started to see who else was participating in this challenge.
Some runners were amazing - running an incredible numbers of miles each week. Wow, I thought, 'Same interest, same challenge, maybe they want to be my "Daily Mile Friend"? So, every once in awhile, I would ask one of these runners to join my "Friends" group.
For those who know me, and know how private I am,
I hear your gasps!
I know, it's a shocker, but I did - I made "online" friends!
Kate, dear, your even gorgeous making a shocked face!
What gives?
And it's been pretty cool!
Through this challenge, I have met so many nice runners - from all over the world!
And even though I completed this challenge, we are still friends. We can still see how we are training and tracking miles, encourage each other when trying to reach a new goal and congratulate each other when we finally reach that goal.
Looks like it's time for another challenge, 
and maybe some new friends,
'cause (woo-hoo)
I completed my Daily Mile Run 1000Miles in 2012 Challenge!
Third to last, there I am!

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