Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday at the track: Exhausting!

I'm exhausted!
Today, I did a very short work out, but it was very intense! I want to kick back, not worry about any chores, like dinner, laundry or my medical nutrition therapy (MNT) readings.

I started out running a 2mile warm-up. I took my time, but it didn't matter, I was drenched by the time the warm-up was over. It's been raining a lot due to Hurricane Isaac and even though I didn't get caught in the rain this morning, it felt like I did because it was super humid!

I met up with my Coach, who gave me four strides. I didn't question him, but I thought, 'Hmm. He's going easy on me, only four strides? Heck, it's so stifling out, keep quiet, Half-Crazed, and just run!'
And so, 
I was on those strides.
Two in 20seconds and two in 19seconds!
Twice as long as those olympians, but I was on it!

Then, came my drills for the day and ooooh, my poor unsuspecting little soul. I had to run this:
I ran strides, diagonally across the football/soccer field. When I reached the corner, I jogged up along the end zone/goal line to the next corner to stride another diagonal. This continued for 7minutes. After the 7minutes, I rested for three minutes - it was lush, but as soon as I caught my breath, the torture started again. I repeated the stride/jog sets for five minutes, got a 2minute break, then repeated it again for three minutes with a 1minute break and then did the final set for just one minute.

It doesn't sound like much, but I'm sore. I climbed 4 flights of stairs to get to my MNT class today and my legs felt very heavy! Then, after sitting in class, going down those stairs wasn't much easier!

I really think the beet juice I drank yesterday helped with my speed and endurance. My average stride pace was 6:10minute/mile. And if it weren't so humid out, it probably wouldn't have felt so torturous.

For the rest of the day, I'm going to concentrate on consuming a little more protein to help with muscle recovery, make sure I take my Omega-3's to help reduce the inflammation in my legs and stare at some feel good vacation photo's for some uplifting and motivation to continue on with those chores.
Mini-man, Girlfriend and me.
Bryce Canyon Mule Ride
Still can't get over how my kids coerced me to ride a mule down Bryce Canyon in Utah. Now that school has started, I'm channelling those same efforts to get them to do their homework! Wish me luck
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