Wednesday, October 3, 2012


De-Nile, not The Nile!
Okay, so sometimes I am in denial and I don't think I have Crohn's Disease. When I think like this, I stop taking my medicine. Like, last week. Towards the end of last week, I got so frustrated and started thinking:
I hate taking medicine, Grrrr!
I'm healthy - For goodness sakes, look at all these miles I'm running!
Plus, this medicine makes my hair fall out - I like lost a pony tail's worth in the shower the other day!
That's it. 
I'm done!
No more medicine!
I threw a little adult temper-tantrum and stop taking my Pentasa. I skipped about three days. By the end of the third day, I was inflamed. And this weekend I was out, celebrating my friend's wedding (ADD sidetrack: Yeay, I'm so happy for them! It was so beautiful!) when the backlash of my foolish tantrum started to catch up with me. Ech, I wanted to crawl up in ball and wait until the pain subsided. Unfortunately, it lasted all the way home, the next day and even today, I'm still not right. 
I did, however, notice something....
My left knee started to really hurt, again.
So did my left hammy and gluteus muscles.
Even my right knee feels weird.
I have come to a conclusion that when my Crohn's flares up, and I'm inflamed, my joints ache, and my muscles get really sore and heavy - it feels like they take longer to recover from whatever I do in the gym in the AM.
So, please, someone slap me if I ever go down that river of
De-Nile, again.

It really hurt my training!
I couldn't run 5miles yesterday and I couldn't make it to the track, today.
Although, I did manage to spin for an hour.
Maybe I will feel better and run some light miles tomorrow?
For now, it's back to my Crohn-ie meds, building back up some good healthy intestinal flora with  Culturelle & yogurt, and fighting the inflammation with Fish Oil Omega-3 Capsules.

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