Friday, October 5, 2012

Food Facts: Running & Stomach Problems

I belong to the Sports Cardiovascular and Wellness Linked-In Group. Two weeks ago, Nancy Clark, posted a question on her Linked-In page: "What is the solution to stomach problems on long runs?"
Of course, I was like, 
"OMG, Nancy is posting on something that has me written all-over it!"
Must read Nancy Clark's Post, STAT!
I think Nancy Clark is a true pioneer in the field of Sports Nutrition. I have read all her books, completed all her Webinars and am a dedicated reader of anything she posts! Needless to say, there I was taking in the post she developed.
Nancy Clark's Post of Q's to ask yourself if you suffer
from stomach problems on long runs
What I like most about Nancy's post is that it contains no answers, it's just a list of questions. The answers must come from the individual runner. It makes sense - everyone is different and their body reacts differently, to different foods. This list of questions is super comprehensive - it covers everything that I have ever asked myself, over the last 30+years (of running), in order to avoid having any embarrassing "moments" during any run or race. The only thing I would add is FODMAPs. I definitely suggest going through the list of foods that make up the FODMAPs because these foods can cause you to make gas ...and if you're a runner, you know:
Gas could ruin any perfectly good race or run, 
no matter what the distance is! 
< FODMAPs  = <Gas,
which is like PV=nRT for dietitians!
Stomach issues are so common with runners. This past week, another person posted another question, in the Sports Cardiovascular & Wellness Nutrition Linked-In site, asking how to resolve stomach issues when running. There were some interesting responses, a couple of people suggested drinking Aloe Vera Juice. I have seen Aloe Vera Juice in the health food stores ...I've never had the guts to drink it!
So tell me, 
Have you ever tried Aloe Vera Juice?
If so,
Did it help resolve any health issues (i.e., stomach problems)?
This info would be good to know!
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