Wednesday, October 10, 2012

not just any wednesday

Today, I shut off my alarm and put off going to the gym. It's been pretty rainy here, so I'm blaming my laziness on the weather.  I justified my sleeping in by telling myself that more sleep will heal my knee.
More Sleep = More Knee Healing.
Yup, my knee has been giving me problems again, so I've scaled back my running and replaced it with Spin.
Not quite like running, but it'll do while my knee recovers.
As I dozed back to sleep. I promised myself that I would go to the gym after breakfast, do some strength training and run the measly 3miles that Coach prescribed.

I guess my kids were feeling these same lazy feelings because everyone came downstairs late. When they're really late, my daughter asks me if I can drive them to school. The high school is right next to the commuter train into Manhattan and parking is tight. If Girlfriend leaves past 7:40, she has trouble finding a parking spot. Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I secretly love driving them to school. I get to tell them how wonderful they are, how they can do anything ..."Just focus and give it all you got. Make it a great day. I love you guys." And just like that, they were off and so was I - right to the gym.

I had a decent little run and a good little work out. All in all, it looked like the morning was going well. I sipped my water, went to my locker, got my gym bag, pocketbook, pulled out my phone and there were it was ...a horrible text from my daughter:

One of her classmates died, last night.
I couldn't understand. I didn't want to understand. I still don't want to understand.
It just can't be true.
I called Girlfriend, she told me she was home. 
Sidekick picked her up, already.
The entire senior class was dismissed.
I told her I'd be right home.

When I got home, Girlfriend was crying. She was asking me a whole bunch of "why" questions. Some related to her classmate, some relating back to her dad. I told her, "I don't know." I didn't tell her, but I was asking the same questions on my drive home from the gym.

I know Girlfriend's classmate's Dad. He is a good man. A runner, like me, maybe like you, too. I saw him last week for the parent's Project Graduation Kick-Off Meeting. We know each other from the running club - I volunteered for him over the summer - he helped organize a children's track & field day - but we never put 2 + 2 together - that our kids were in the same grade, and graduating, this year! When I went home that night, I asked Girlfriend if she knew my friend's son. She said, "Yeah. He's nice, Mom. I really stink at soccer and he's like the only one who will pass the ball to me in gym."

My heart breaks for my daughter's classmate and his family.
I wish I knew what to say or do - something ...anything that would help in some way.
I have nothing.
There's one thing my Mom told me, after my husband was killed.
It kinda' helps.
She said,
"Elizabeth, God has big shoulders. They can take a good punch."

Tonight, the community held a candle light vigil.
RIP J. Dunk
Girlfriend went. 
She and her friend brought some candles to pass out.
I couldn't go. I'm home ....beating up on Someone's shoulders!

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