Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday: Back at the track!

Yes! Back at the track!
My knee has been healing, so yesterday, I went for a quick 5mile run. When I got home I saw a text from Coach: "Just saw you running. You look strong. Do you want to meet tomorrow?" I was going to push out the track work out for one more week, but when I saw that text, it was like I had no filter - and responded immediately, "Absolutely!" So much for waiting one more week!

Today, I warmed up 1.5miles, and got right into my strides. My strides were a little slower than normal - about a 22sec pace. My thoughts were to start out slow and ease back into speed, over the next few weeks. I have the community run on Thanksgiving - my all-time favorite local race - and I don't want anything to get in the way of my three, okay four, super important  turkey day race goals:
  1. Avoid getting passed by anyone pushing a baby stroller! This can really kills that runner's "high".
  2. Do better than last year's time. So far, these are reasonable goals.
  3. Make it into the top 10 in my age group. Ugh, I've never ever been able to do this in this race! Sad, I know, all this training and I am still a turtle!
  4. Get a mug! This is my #1 goal for the entire month of November - yeah, that's right. It's not about getting the turkey right or making some perfect pie - it's about getting that mug at the Ashenfelter Classic!  I'm totally obsessed with the mug ...but look ...they're beautiful, aren't they?
Aaaah, my Ashenfelter Classic Treasures

So when Coach told me to run eight 1/4mile splits with a 30sec rest and goal pace: 7:20min/mi,  I thought, "I can do that!" As I ran the splits, I stayed focussed, on my Ashenfelter mug. Needless to say, Coach was impressed with my times: 1min40second splits. 
didn't tell him that I ran a little faster 'cause I couldn't stop thinking about how much I want an Ashenfelter Classic mug!

Cool down: 1.5miles. Lots of stretching, afterward and home for some post work out carbs, fiber, food: Organic Yogurt (carbs + protein), some crushed walnuts (healthy fats: Omega-3) and raisins (a good source of potassium and iron). 
It felt great to be back on the track!
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