Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'll take a little etiquette with that workout, please!

Lots of black ice on the path in the little park, where I warm-up before my track work-outs. 
Even being careful, I almost took a dive! 
Wo, Woo, Woooo!
We got about 3" of snow the other day - you know, that real heavy, wet kind? The kind that when you pass under a tree, you unsuspectingly get a huge bunch of icy slush dumped on your head!
Ripe and ready for dumping! Next victim, please!
Don't let it's beauty "snow" you!
But really - all in all - what's a little snow on the head? 
Snow, I like!
Ice thank you! 
Although, when the snow is on the track, it's a real pain! I do believe that the people who come to the park and run on the track really must think that the snow magically disappears from the track!
People: "Oh look at that, there's no snow on the track.
Why how that Mother Nature is so darn thoughtful!"
Okay, hate to burst your bubble people, but the snow gets removed from the track one way Coach! Yes my adorable Coach brings his shovel to the park and shovels the track so that the people he coaches (A-type personality, middle aged women, and high school teen boys and girls) can use the track to trainNovel idea, that training, don't you think?
Sometimes Coach will only shovel one lane, but if there's not that much snow, he'll shovel a few more lanes. If, where he didn't shovel, the snow melts and freezes overnight, there's gonna be some black ice on the track. So, after my warm-up, I ran my sprints around the track, to check and see if  there was any black ice on the track. 
This would be so much safer. Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas?
No black ice, but I still want one of those indoor tracks! Don't they look lush?
Coach had me run 800meters @ 7minute pace, jog 400meters, run 1mile @ 7:20pace, jog 400meters. and repeat the 800meters @7minute pace. It was a great little work-out, with one exception. During one turn, only one lane (Lane#1) was completely shoveled, so I had to excuse myself through a bunch of seniors. I hate having to ask people to move out of Lane #1 - and this time was no exception because asking them to move meant they had to walk in lane 2 or 3, which was still covered in ice and snow. I gave them fair warning, and started yelling when I was about 50meters away. Eventually, it was like the parting of the sea.
Three gals went to the right and two gals went to the left!
I yelled out, "thank you!" and they yelled back, "No problem, Just keep it up!"
 They were great!
During my 400meter cool down, I apologized for having to ask them to move and they kept telling me that it was quite alright. They're a great bunch of ladies, and I see them on the track, most every time I train! 
These ladies know Coach and are amongst the few that know he shovels the track.
Well, wouldn't you know, though, 
I would have the same problem, 
in the exact same area of the track, 
running the mile Coach assigned. 
This time it was a female jogger ...probably about my age. She was jogging, listening to her iPod, in her own world, and didn't hear me say, "On your left. On Your Left, ON YOUR LEFT! So, I thought, when I run by her, I'll sort of just "hold" her. This way she won't get startled, and run into the ice & snow in the other lanes. I thought I was doing the right thing, but, I guess coming up from behind her and holding her while I ran past, frightened the bajeezus out of her! She let out a huge scream! I, of course, kept running (I was being timed), and Coach, well broke out into hysterical laughter! 
Needless to say, this women was not happy. 
And she was also intent on giving me a piece of her mind! 
After my track work out, I met with Coach for my weekly homework/running assignments. As we were reviewing the goals for my race on Saturday, I heard, a very nasty, "Excuse me, Excuse me." I turned around, and she yelled, "Hey, you are not allowed to touch people when they are running. You hear me?"

If she only knew how nice I was trying to be, then what came out of my mouth afterward wouldn't have sounded so awful. I yelled back, "Well, you shouldn't be running in the 1st lane when someone is training! It's the training lane." She retorted, "You don't own this track. I can run anywhere I want!"
Which brings me back to my original thought .....
I do believe that people who come to the park to run on the track really must think that the snow magically disappears from the track!
So, I ask you, 
* When you walk on a path, sidewalk or in a hallway, do you stay to the right?
* If you're walking with a group of people, and see someone approaching your group, do you fall behind the people you are walking with, to give the person headed your way, some space to walk?
* When you are jogging on the track, do you avoid using Lane#1? 
* When you are training on the track, do you stick to Lane#1, so you don't mow down anyone going slower than you?
** Tell me, how do you practice road etiquette? **
Train Smart Today!

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