Monday, November 5, 2012

Jersey Strong!

Day 7: Still no power!
But, we will rise above!
We are Jersey Strong!
I did break down, though ...
I bought a generator.
There's one problem with a generator: it runs on gas .... and there's a gas shortage!
Gas closed, only the mini-mart is open.
It's actually really scary. Two-three hour wait on line for gas. The lines are 1-2miles long! People are running out of gas, while waiting on line! The stations that had power pumped all their gas. The refineries were not up and running - they are in Newark, which had no power for about 5days. Roads are blocked, so deliveries of gas from outside NJ/NY area have been limited. The NJ turnpike was closed up here in the north because the water rose so high, it lifted the cargo trains off the tracks and then dumped them across the turnpike! Eventually, as some gas stations regained power, and when people found out that a station was opened, the lines started and before you knew it, they were out of gas, with no promise of another delivery. 

Sidekick actually drove to Northeastern Pennsylvania with gas cans, to get gas for our generator! Thank goodness I listened to my dad, before Sandy hit. Dad lives in the throws of hurricane alley, in Florida, so he warned me about a potential gas shortage - he told me to fill up all the cars with gas.
Thanks, Dad!
I just had to get the generator, in spite of the dismal gas situation. Besides it being really dark, at night, it got to about 40*F in the house. And a Nor'eastern is headed our way, with temperatures expected to drop to the low 30's. I couldn't watch my kids going to bed cold and freezing one more night!
Besides, it's soooo great to have heat and hot water. 
Since the generator isn't hard wired into the house, we are limited to what we can run and hook up, which is why, I haven't been able to blog! We are limited by the fact that we only have a few extension cords. Stores are sold out of extension cords within a 100mile radius least! You get a real big dose of reality when a natural disaster hits. Even though, I believe that  have had my fill of reality. 
Hello, God? ...Uncle!
I really feel blessed, in spite of it all. I lost a small tree, my purple Plum, which you can't tell, landed on a small white decorative fence. The fence is repairable, though, not too much damage.
Pulled the roots right out of the ground!
This tree was nowhere near as large as some of the trees down in my neighborhood. Here are some pics from my first run, after Hurricane Sandy hit ...

This tree took two days to clear!

So sad. This was such a beautiful shade tree

Even in my little park, where I love to run!
Some trees hit homes, some hit power lines, and others crushed cars! Thank goodness, I didn't here of anyone getting hurt. Up here, in Northern NJ, even though there has been a great deal of damage from downed trees, it is nowhere near as awful as in South Jersey, Staten Island, or Long Island. One of my neighbor's, whom I know from the gym, has had a hard time reaching his Dad, who lives in Long Beach, Long Island. His Dad is 89years old. I haven't seen my neighbor since Friday, so I don't know if he has heard from his dad, yet. It is very sad.

My Sissy owns a second home in South Jersey. She and her husband were in tears after seeing the damage that Sandy did to their home ...
This is the back, where their dock used to be!
Their neighbor's shed is in their back yard
This is their front yard
Sissy and her husband believe the house was moved right off of the foundation. I had to hold back the tears's their whole savings. This is where they retreat to. This is where they find peace and solace.

Still, we must be strong, and forge ahead. We have to be grateful that we have each other and that we are safe (and warm). This is not to say that I am not aware of those, and pray for those, who lost their homes in the floods or the fires that started afterward. I pray for those people who lost family members - children were ripped out of their mother's arms from rushing waters, and those who drowned because they got trapped in their homes, or the frail and the elderly, whom help did not reach in time. We will continue to pray for all of you and your families.

Yesterday, they called off the NYC Marathon. There were several people in my town who trained for marathon. Yesterday, a group of us gathered to cheer on the runners, who did 3 8mile loops in town. We all took a loop and ran with them, cheering them on and psyching them up to the finish.
It's a lot like what we have to do, now, after Sandy: 
Deal with the disappointment, the frustration, the sadness; 
Cheer each other on and help each other in whatever way we can;
Strive to continue to go forward...
Jersey Strong!

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