Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Track Work Out: Kenyan Style

It was frigid on the track today.
It was so windy, it felt as if it were 10*F! 
After commiserating with Coach that I still don't have power ....and may not get power until some time next week, Coach told me to warm up about 1.5miles.
Ugh. That first mile was so cold.
After warming up, I ran my six 100meter strides. The wind was blowing so hard that my strides were actually off by 3-4seconds. Amazing how the wind can destroy all attempts at speed!
Next, Coach had me run what he called "A track work out, Kenyan Style".
It was tough.
Yes, I dropped a few F-Bombs.
I had to run 6:40pace for one minute. Jog one minute and repeat 14 more times. At the end, those jogs got slower and slower, as I gasped for air.
I wound down with another 1.5miles and lots of stretches. I'm definitely going to do the foam roller tonight. I bought the "Rumble Roller":
I have this little compact size Rumble Roller.
You wouldn't think something this torturous looking could actually make you feel better!
Relief is on its way!
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