Thursday, December 20, 2012


My training has suffered these last couple of weeks. I was studying a lot, writing papers and PowerPoints for presentations. I wasn't going to the gym in the morning, and even though I kept up with my running, I stopped my stretch routine. After a run, I would hurry to shower, then work or drive up to the assisted living facility, whenever I had a free moment, to see my Mom-in-law. This has taken a toll on my tummy, as well as my left hammy/piriformis.
Then, it happened. 
December 8th, my Mom-in-law passed away - it was and still is, very sad. I haven't even had the courage to put that in writing until now. I still can't quite wrap my mind around her passing, or her suffering, throughout her last weeks with us. I tried to help - maybe give a tiny morsel of comfort to my late husband's mom and family, but nothing - there was nothing I could do to help take away her pain, or the pain of all who suffered, while they watched her pass. There was one night, Mom's last night - a Hospice nurse came into Mom's room - he started talking to her. He said that she was beautiful, and she created a beautiful family - he said that he could tell that we all loved her because the room felt full of love - and it was because of who she was. His words were true - Mom loved unselfishly. She gave her whole heart and soul to her family, and she didn't stop there - she made every person she met, feel special. She didn't teach us how to love, she taught us how to love, deeply. She was an amazing woman - and we will all miss her ...tons.
It's not good-bye, 
It's just so long for now.
I love you, tons<3
Mom, holding her son, at our wedding, 10/20/90
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