Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rough Crowd in Jersey ...At the Track!

So, as usual, yesterday, Wednesday, I trained with Coach at the track.
I ran 1.5miles to warm-up, 
did four 100-meter strides, 
stretched, drank a little coconut water, 
and was ready to go.
Coach had me run splits, around the track, total length: 3miles. The splits were not by assigned by distance, but by time. I had to run a 7-minute pace (he went easy on me 'cause I raced on Saturday) for two-and-a-half minutes, jog thirty seconds, and then run two minutes and twenty seconds, with a 30 seconds jog, all the way down to 10 seconds.
It's been pretty cold, here in Jersey, and with the wind whipping around on the track, Coach drives his car up the ramp by the track, sits in his car, and keeps time. In order to let me know when to stop and start, he beeps his horn.
I'm like Pavlov's Dog. 
Now, every time I hear a car horn, I'm afraid I'll just want to take off and run.
Highway, small town roads, there, I'll be:
'Look at that, there goes Half-Crazed'
Must have been a car horn!
Beep, beep!
In his infinite wisdom, and concern for the injury (still healing, but never quite being healed) on my left side - left knee, hamstring, IT band, adductors - let's just say, my whole left side - Coach told me that I should run in the opposite direction.
He's so smart.
It was a great idea, my left side was definitely tighter, since my race this past Saturday.
So, I changed direction.
The first time around the track, I met with Group #1 Boot-Camp. They were doing their usual two laps around the track to warm-up. This group is there Monday-Friday and have been training on the football field for like 10 years, or more. They smiled, some yell out, "Hate running, don't know how you do it."
A couple of "Excuse me. Pardon Me. I'm sorry," were exchanged. 
End of story.
There is also another Boot-Camp Group - let's call them Group #2. They started coming to train, on the opposite end of the football field, I'd say, maybe a year ago. They have a track warm-up, too - they jog 1X around the track. I meet with them, face to face and say, "Excuse me. Pardon Me. I'm sorry." I was met with an angry and demanding,
"You're going the wrong way!" "Turn around!"
When I met up with them, again, on the opposite side of the track, one female participant, refused to move! 
I yelled out, "Training in the first lane."
Did she move?
I yelled out, again.
"Training in the first lane."
Did she move?
What do you think?
As she jogged toward me, slowly, she yelled out,
"You're going the wrong way!" "Turn around!"
I yelled back, "Training in the first lane!" 
Then, I passed my lovely seniors, and shouted,
"Wow. It's a rough crowd!" 
They smiled back, to me as if to say, "Sorry, you have to deal with this." I passed Coach in his car, and yelled out, "Do you believe this?"He called them some kinda' expletive, and said, "Just keep running."
Rounding the track, I approached Group #2, and yelled out, "Coach has me running this way because of an injury." Obviously, they could care less (PS Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah), they started yelling,
"Get off the track."
"You should be banned from this track."
"Get off"
They don't even train on the track! All they do is run one 400meter warm-up. And very slowly, like at a  snails pace, might I add!
Okay, I thought:
I'm here to train. 
They don't pay my bills, 
and they don't wipe my nose when I'm sick, 
They got issues. It's not my problem.
By this time, Ms Fast-ee Pants started her training. Next time around the track, Coach yells out, "Ms Fast-ee Pants is going to join you - and run the opposite way."
I love it!
Thanks, Fast-ee!
So, what do you think happens, next? Yup, we both get heckled, but not by the same group of people. Let's say very round, woman, walking on the track, decides that she does not have to move from Lane#1 because we are going in the wrong direction! I literally have to go onto the football field because Lane#1 is just not big enough for both of us! I threw up my hands to Coach - and he called her a name that I just cannot blog about!
I don't know what compelled her to do so, but Ms Fast-ee stops her training and converses with this woman:
Fast-ee: Why does it bother you that I am going the opposite way?
Round: You shouldn't be going the opposite way. 
Fast-ee: Coach wants us to train this way.
Round: I'm a track coach, I would never ask my students to run the wrong way. (By the way, Coach has never, ever seen her, and he's been coaching for over 30 years!)
Fast-ee: I can see that, if you are coming here, after school, when the track is busier, but there are just a few people on the track.
Round: It's protocol!
Meanwhile, Coach is screaming, "Stop. Fast-ee. Stop. You're wasting your time!"
It's a rough crowd, here in Jersey - 
even at the track!
I'd like to know, although, I'm assuming this just does not happen in other parts of the country, or the world:
Have you ever been heckled, or yelled at, when you run?
I spoke to Coach. He called these people some more @*&#$&@ expletives, and said, "Don't worry about them. They are not following the rules of the track."
Me: "What? There are rules. Written rules?"
Coach: "Yes. Posted, on the sign, right behind you!"
Love These Rules!
Note, Second Rule: 
Lane 1 & 2 are to be used for fast runners only!
And, for the record, there are no rules stating that you must go in a specific direction!
Train Smart Today!
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