Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Track W/O Pre-Snowstorm & Christmas Recap

Ech. I just got a call that the person I was going to go to for acupuncture on my left hammy, buttocks, knee, foot and shoulder just cancelled! Unfortunately, he is ill. Well, I hope he is feeling better soon. Coach recommended him because he has experience working with runners and he is a runner. too (I think a marathoner). I am looking forward to the first session - I hope I can get some relief.

Today, I was off - foot pain - I don't know, I tweaked it going up one of those hills in the TCS Annapolis Half Marathon. It hasn't gotten any better, but it's not swollen. I've been icing it - I hope it just goes away. It hurts the most when I start running. So, I ran my 1.5mile warm-up on the turf field to ease into the run and lessen the pain. It's really messing with my strides, too. I am at least 5seconds slower than my normal stride pace. The pain keeps me from forcefully propelling myself forward.

Coach has been taking it easy on me. Today, I ran 2&1/2 laps at an easy 7:20minute pace, jogged a half a lap and repeated it four times. I was having trouble with the last set. I had shooting pains going up the back of my hammy. I finished with some drills and a mile cool down.

I came home, iced, stretched, rolled, used the bio-freeze. Not exactly my idea of a good-time, but (no pun there, really) at least I got to run before the snow came!
And my Christmas memories with my family this year are beautiful!
We got off to a rough start - we were a bit late in putting up the tree. 
But look, not bad for a late buy!
And, it was 1/2 price!
Everyone liked their presents - which I think is a first!
...even Girlfriend!
And even Jiggy had fun with her presents!
But absolutely, no one was happier than my sister-in-law, who was in her glory feeding my son, and our nieces, lobster on Christmas Eve. Although, I believe my nieces were taking advantage of their Auntie's Italian thought process - the one that goes like this: "I just gotta feed my babies or they will starve".
Yeah, girls, you know who you are, and I got your number!
Hey Balerie, way to get down and dirty with the lobster!
Love the hands, and the sweater!
Train Smart Today!
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