Sunday, January 20, 2013

'Cause scaling back is hard to do!

I have been soooo busy!
I have been actively caring for my hamstring, gluteus and new pain , this week knee! Yeay!
I have been icing, getting acupuncture, ART, and cold laser light.
I have even done the dreaded "S" word ...
That's right, I have scaled back! 
Huh ... No!
Don't take the miles, away from me.
Don't! - You will leave my heart in misery,
If I can't run, I'll be so blue (and have to pay big time psychology bills)
'Cause scaling back is so hard to do -oooooo!

After last Sunday's 13miler, I choked out 4miles on Tuesday, skipped my track workout on Wednesday and only ran 4miles, then did the elliptical for 4miles on Friday. Even though I still trained in the gym: abs, shoulders, back, arms and legs - trying to maintain some assemblance of muscles in this aging bod - I felt down in the dumps about not running!
So Saturday, I treated myself. 
A treat only runners (I think, no, I hope, only runners) get giddy over:
New Sneaks!
Yup, I got new sneakers! 
I have been needing new sneakers for awhile. I like these. The peeps at Fleet Feet, told me not to do my full 10miles in them today (yeah, I know - not 12 or 13miles, this scaling back thing is rough), because they're not a brand I'm used to - I've been running in Saucony. These are New Balance. They are light and they fit like they're hugging my foot. I have a narrow foot, with a high arch. My foot always gets squished in the arch, but feels like it's swimming in the toe box. Well, the verdict is out ...I will keep you posted as to how I make out in these new sneaks!
For now, wish me luck, and no pain, on this 10miler.
Let me know how you've dealt with having the blues when you get a running injury
any other Neil Sedaka songs you may like!
That is of course if you're reading this and are at least old enough to know who Neal Sedaka is!
Comings Soon To A Blog Near You: Food Facts Fridays!
Yes, I am bringing it back!
Train Smart Today!
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