Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

This is going to be a great year!
You can't really go wrong with 13, 
it's a good number. 
I'm not into making resolutions, but I do have some goals for 2013. As for running, I'd like to run five more half marathons, of course in all different states. Since Girlfriend got the lead role (Dorothy) in the town play, The Wizard of Oz, I hope to run a half in Kansas.
Kansas, they say, is the name of her star!
Another running goal: I want to run injury free this year! I'm done with this tendonitis in my upper left hammy/but area. I'm done, done, done with it! I have been doing a lot of reading - Jim @Fifty after 40 has given me advice, really good training advice - and I am so thankful (Thanks Jim!) - it was the kind of info that helped me look at training from a different perspective and lead me to ask some local runners (very seasoned runners) particular questions - which launched a whole new way for me to understand, work through and past this pain. My goals to run injury free include more strengthening exercises, a look into active release techniques, muscle activation techniques, acupuncture as well as continue with my old steadies: chiropractic adjustments and cold laser light therapy. I joined the International Association of Women Runners and am studying their ebook: Running Injury Free for Women over 40. Like Jim's advice, there are a great deal of strengthening exercises and (fingers crossed) I believe they have already started to help!
Major Goal:
Injury Free in 2013!
Next major goal: Finish all my post graduate class work in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Didactics Program and apply for an internship, so I can finally achieve my Registered Dietitian Certification. Let's hope I get accepted to an internship program! My dream internship is at UMDNJ because I think this program will be the most challenging - and I just wouldn't be honest with myself if I ignored the fact that I love a good challenge!

Next goal: Help Girlfriend get into and pick the right college, for her and her goals. Over the next two months, Girlfriend will be very busy - she has three more Voice auditions! After that, the decision on where she wants to (and should) go will be made. That's it, just like that - I'll hold back tears of joy, pride and yes, the one's that scream out: "Holy-shmoly, my baby-girl is graduating from high school and going to college!"
Oh Momma, be strong!
Shorter ranged goals: I am trying to not embarrass my son, myself, my daughter or Side-kick while watching him throughout this wrestling season.
Mini-man trying to pin his opponent!
This will take a true act of perseverance and self-control. I have been known to scream out not so polite words, phrases, and sayings, while watching my son, and let's face it, each boy on the team, who goes out there in that little onesy, and wrestles - fighting in a struggle of strength, technique, and raw guts.
It never ceases to amaze me how long six minutes can last!
I have been getting "better" over the years. I do a lot more growling, grunting and covering up of my mouth (and eyes) with my hands, to muffle the obscenities this sport evokes from my "delicate" Christian mouth! 
C'mon, Mini-man, kick some @ss!
See - no expletives! 
I told you I'm getting better!
These of course, are some basic goals. I have others, the list goes on and on - volunteer more, help those in need, be a better listener - oh yeah, and a better gift giver - well specifically for Side-Kick, he is reaching a landmark number this year - and I don't know what to get him for his birthday. He loves skiing and motocross, but skiing is during wrestling season - so the only option is to go to the other hemisphere in the summer, Hmmm.... And, as for motocross, I know nothing - except that it's dangerous and that Side-Kick has a 15"scar on his leg with a metal plate holding his femur together, from a motocross injury!
Even watching the pro's, like Ryan Villopoto, freaks me out!
So, I'm up for ideas ...

Overall, it's gonna be a great year!
Make it a great year:
Happy New Year!

Train Smart Today!

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