Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday ...At the treadmill!?

It is super cold out there!
13*F (-10.*C)
Even Coach didn't want to meet outside today.

This semester, I have class on Wednesday mornings, so my speed work (emailed to me by Coach) has been moved to Thursday mornings. My treadmill speed work was: Warm-up 1.5 miles, then six 1-minute runs at 7.5min/mile pace. with 2-minute jog recovery. Next, I was supposed to run six 1/4-mile runs at 8min/mile pace with two-minute jog recovery in between. Then, a 1.5mile recovery run.

Shhh, don't tell Coach, but I ran 4miles on the treadmill yesterday, and I just couldn't bring myself to run on that thing again.
Sorry, treadmill. I just don't love you today!
So, I snuck out, and went to the track to run!
This is how it went:
1.5mile warm-up. 
Who am I kidding, in this temperature - this should be called a "cold-up". You know it's cold when the wind hits your face and your nose hairs freeze, instantly.

I even brought my very special hot tea mix to keep me warm: Organic green tea (1 bag) plus Traditional Medicinals Echinacea Immune Support (1 bag) with lemon. I put the lemon in today because last night I read an article about how vitamin C rich lemons helps your body absorb the powerful health protective anti-oxidants in green tea, called catechins. Best part - it was really tasty!

I ran four 100-meter strides.
The cold wind was blowing so hard, I felt like a Bugs Bunny in the chase scene with the evil scientist:

Tea time ...
I'm crazy for being out there, but gotta give me some cred for bringing the hot tea.
That wind was a killer - it made the "real feel" temperature about 8*F (-13*C). At least I wasn't the only crazy out there, there was one other person on the track. Okay, so he lasted a total of two minutes, at least I wasn't the only crazy out there!
I decided to run 1mile straight, as fast as I could.
Goal: 7 minutes or less.
Actual Time: 7 minutes.
I think I could run faster than this in better conditions.

Next: I decided to run two miles, as fast as I could.
Goal: 7 and 1/2-minute mile pace.
Actual Time: 16 minutes.

Mother Nature just kicked my butt out there!
Don't mess with me.
I will show you who's boss!
Wow! Did she ever learn me right!
It was exhausted running against the cold, bitter wind. I don't know why I felt compelled to go out there, but in a strange way, it was nice being on the track, in the cold, with no one around. It was peaceful. I even ran the opposite direction without anyone screaming at me that I should be banned from the track!
Have you ever done something that you weren't supposed to do?

Besides, that.

I mean running or exercising-wise.
Just seems I am always challenging the impossible - 
trying to run fast with hurt hammy, or pound out fifty squats with a medicine ball at the gym, 
or promising dinner by six, when it's already 5:10!
Ooops, I better go ....
Train Smart Today!
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