Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weds. At the track

It's been about 10* warmer here, like about 43*F (6.1*C). 
It makes going to the track with a pain in the ARSE a bit easier.

I was afraid to go to the track today. It puts a lot of strain on my hammies and glutes, and I wind up in a lot of pain. So to avoid the pain, today, I followed up my track work out with stretches, strengthening exercises, ice, cold laser therapy, and more ice. Why the ice, instead of my new best friend? Well, Jim at 50after40.blogspot, warned me that heat could keep sore hammies and glutes inflamed. I checked with my chiropractor and he agreed - ice, ice, ice - especially to reduce the inflammation - and inflammation, on track day, is inevitable.

Today's work out started out great. I felt strong in my 1.5mile warm-up, and my six strides were only 5seconds slower, not 7seconds slower, like they were last week. And when I hit a 6:40min-mile pace for the first four 300's, I was super psyched!  Next, I ran some hills - small, but very hard with this achey left leg & but cheek. I started at a 7:25min-mile pace and got down to a 7:19min-mile pace by the fourth go-round! I'd have been really psyched, but that's where my body started feeling the push.
When I got back to the track for the last set of four 300's, I was in pain. 
No matter how hard I pushed, I couldn't go faster than a 6:51min-mile pace. Even through the pain and discomfort, I stuck it out. It made me think:

So, did I want to run a mile or so cool down, after that?
 ....Heck no,
but I did!
Dr Mike has me foam rolling 2X/day.
I'm definitely going to need to foam roll twice today!
Dr Mike also has me  doing a one legged hip-bridge, after the foam roller.
 These hip-ups are great for tightening your gluteus ...but (no pun intended)...
My favorite new exercise is sort of like a monster walk:
Kills the outside of your glutes
I don't lean forward as much as these two in the picture, but I step on the band and cross it in front of me. Next,  I take about thirty steps forward and thirty steps going backwards. I do about 2-3 sets - and then I do the same exercise, going side to side. I really feel it in my but and abductors! 
It doesn't look like much, but it's rough!
Do you have a favorite glute or hamstring exercise?
If so ...let me know!

Train Smart Today!

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