Thursday, February 7, 2013

Getting un-stuck

Don't you just hate that inner voice, sometimes?
You know ...the one that wants to keep you down? 
No matter how many times you review all the good things in your life, you get stuck ...sucked into  listening to all those little put-downs, inside your own head. It's like you become your own worst enemy!
Maybe it starts with something that happens, that's not so great, or maybe it's a series of some not so great things that happen ...and you're off ...set on a train ride full of negative thoughts.
They rock your confidence,
Make you question everything you do 
have ever done.
Aaaagh! I hate when I get stuck.
It's been so absolutely crazy here. Once again, I am stealing hours from my sleep to get everything done: laundry, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, reading, studying, reaching out to a sick relative, and a neighbor, who lost someone special in their life. Thanking everyone who supports me in my effort to get accepted into an RD Internship, making sure my daughter has all her college information, and auditions lined up and making sure I'm there for both children - because you never want to feel you are there for one more than the other! Running over to the Cerebral Palsy Center after classes to support my daughter's volunteer performance as Ursula in Teens on Tour production of The Little Mermaid, volunteering in some capacity in the local performance of The Wizard of Oz, where Girlfriend is starring as Dorothy, and making sure I don't miss any of mini-man's wrestling - which I blinked last night, and missed him pin someone in 9seconds!
And let's not forget to fit in all the fun stuff: 
Like running, stretching, foam rolling, and strength training to avoid injury, besides icing in recovery mode, and planning appointments to see the chiropractor(s) to alleviate the damage you did to muscles the last time you were in this spot and had no time to breathe!
Then, in the middle of it ...
that creepy inner voice.
It always knows when to prey on you - when you're very tired, cranky, and can't see relief in site. Next, all it takes is for someone or some people to let you down, say the wrong thing, and there you are - questioning everything and everyone around you. Only to become so overwhelmed that you just wind up saying,
"You know, I really just can't give a cr@p!"
I mean, maybe I shouldn't. 
But would this make me self-centered? Traveling on a path set forward dominated by my own agenda, regardless of what others around me think or need? I hate feeling out of balance - you know, when you get stuck?
Because that's when, that inner voice comes ...
Ready to stalk!
I really can't wait to run my long run on Sunday. I know it will absolutely help me. 
I will reflect, pray and just try to gain back a kinder perspective on life.

What do you do when you get stuck?

Train Smart Today!
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