Friday, February 22, 2013

She's a Brick House!

There is some irony in the fact that as I pulled out of my driveway, yesterday, to take on my first nutrition internship interview, the radio was playing, The Commodores, "She's a Brick House".

And that I was ...
Mighty, mighty, letting it all hang out!
Not, of course, in the sense intended by the lyrics sang by The Commodores.
In the sense that I had a short amount of time to let two people,
 who hold my future in their hands, 
know what I've been up to for the last, 
well, say,

To say this week was hectic would be an understatement. It all started when I was given an opportunity to write four reports that would provide the research and background for a Sports Nutritionist that I intern for. I took on the opportunity, knowing very well that this week, I had to write three reports, one PowerPoint, and study for two quizzes. I had 10 hours of sleep between Friday to Monday. Did I mention that I also went to my sons wrestling quad (Mini-man won all three matches!), my nieces cheerleading competition (Yes, it was first place for her team, too), and attended a parent meeting for the Paper Mill Playhouse Show Choir, of which my daughter was accepted, (she is one of 40, after 300 people auditioned).
I really pushed my limits this week.
My training suffered.
It didn't help that it was windy, rainy, sleeting, and dropped into the low 20's*F.
And I haven't even kept up with my favorite blog readings! I miss the happenings in everyone's lives. It is amazing, how you all have become my inspiration, and at times, my mentors, mirroring similar issues that I have had, or am dealing with, as a mom, an employee, and as a runner.
Well, I have to run off to volunteer as a diet clerk, so this is a short blog note, 
but if you have time, 
let me know, 
as a runner, a spouse, a parent, an employee,
How do you let it all hang out?
And what do you do, when your training suffers?

Train Smart Today!
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