Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baby Steps on the Track!

Don't you hate when you've skipped some work outs and you feel all yukky about yourself?
Like the other day when I got a call from my Sissy. She was asking me something about running - and I snapped, "Look, I'm lucky I can walk these days without pain. I haven't run!"
It's true, I haven't run since March 11th. 
Now, everywhere I go, I see happy runners:
Dropping my kids off at school: Happy Runners
Driving to classes: Happy Runners.
Off to the supermarket: Happy Runners.
Picking kids up from school: Happy Runners
Happy Runners, Happy Runners, Happy Runners!
Snap Out Of It!
So, today, I was determined.
I was getting back out there and starting small ...
Baby Steps.
Last week, I had my X-Ray and meeting with Dr. Metzl. When I asked if if I could run, he said, "Do what you're used to doing, but as soon as you feel pain, STOP!" He also told me to shorten my stride. I've been watching his Runner's World video's, "The Doctor is In", and picked up on his recommendation to run on flat roads.
So, yesterday, I did Dr. Metzl's recommended glute strengthening exercises 
- like a million different types of squats. 
It's very challenging!
And today, 
I ran on the track 
- a good flat start! 
I completed a 1.5 mile warm-up, and assessed myself to see if there was any pain. Nope, no pain, so I continued. I did 4 strides - a lot slower than normal - and I shortened my stride. I assessed again: No pain, yet - so I did two more strides, which were about 8 seconds slower than my best stride pace.
I repeated my new mantra: 
Baby steps, 
Baby steps, 
Freakin' Baby Steps, girl!
Next, I tried a little speed - about four 300meters at a 7:30 minute pace - a whole minute slower than I am used to doing! Again, I reassessed --> Still, no pain - just really tender from doing all those butt strengthening exercises. I followed all that up with a one mile cool down, about 100 walking lunges, and lots of stretching.
Next week, I have an MRI scheduled, and a follow-up with Dr. Metzl. Until then, Baby Steps - with my new goal for a strong butt! Besides, Maxine is right ...

Train Smart Today!
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