Saturday, March 30, 2013

Exercise is Medicine!

I trekked back into NYC on Thursday to meet with Dr. Metzl. I don't know what I was hoping for ... maybe a miracle?
Dr. Metzl looked at my MRI and told me that I have the classic hamstring strain with tendinosis, exactly what he explains in the video.
Now what?
Next, he asked me how the leg strengthening exercises are going? I told him, "Great." I went on to explain that I really do feel a difference, and my butt doesn't hurt when I run, or go up a hill, (albeit, I've been choosing small hills). The only time my ass hurts is when I sit for long periods of time, or when I stay in one position too long, like at night, when I'm sleeping. 
Next, he asked me if I've ever done exercises like this before. 
I have, but not everything. I've done the squats, lunges, planks, sit-up, leg-ups, and push-ups, but I've never done them together, as a series, and I've never done them as plyometric exercises - jump squats, jump lunges. Also, I've always worked out doing 10-15 reps. of something. - and not within a time-frame, like doing something for 5 minutes. I told Dr. Metzl that since December, this was the first time I've felt as if I was able to produce force when I run. 
He kept staring at the MRI.
Then, he told me that even though I appear to be a perfect candidate for PRP, he wants to give it 3-4 weeks of the strengthening exercises before we went that route. 
He asked me if I liked the exercises.
I looked that high achieving, very successful Sports Doctor right in the face and lied,
"I love them!"
I really have a love/hate relationship with them. C'mon, it's hard to get up at 5 am, go to the gym, and do burpees, jump squats, push-ups, planks, mountain climbers etc, etc, etc....You have to be, well Half-Crazed, to do all that at 5 am!
It's really crazy when you have the club's personal trainers 
saying that they want you to join their classes, 
but they don't know if they could keep up with you!
So, I pressed on about the PRP, "What's holding you back from saying, 'Let's do this today!'?"He told me because I've felt improvement with the exercises, we should continue the exercises for 3-4 weeks.
So, that's it!
That's where we're at!
Strength Train, Strength Train, Strength Train.
When I was leaving to pay the bill (always fun!), I was given some info. about the PRP. Dr. Metzl's assistant, who gave me the PRP info. is Megan, the young girl in the Runner's World video's - how cool is that? Anyway, she told me that with PRP, you cannot do any lower body exercises for 3-4 weeks afterward!
No running for 3-4 weeks?
But this is my competitive time of year.
I was shooting to do 5 half marathons this spring and summer!
There really is no miracle cure!
Okay, girl.
Get a grip!
After swallowing that big lump, and reading up on PRP, I have decided to relinquish all power to those grueling, early morning strength sessions (at least for 3-4 more weeks). The exercises really have been helping, and on the positive side least my butt will look better in a bathing suit this summer!
Tell me, what is your favorite strength exercises?
Do you have a favorite butt and hammy strengthening exercise(s)?
Train Smart Today!
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