Sunday, March 3, 2013

Food Facts: March is National Nutrition Month!

I knew there was a reason I gave birth to my son in March: 
It's National Nutrition Month!
Well, at least it is according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Stop sulking mini-man....

The real reason you were born in March was to worry me to pieces when you turn 21, since you were born on March 17th, St Patty's Day. Yup, I can still hear your Dad say, "The boy will never have to buy a drink on his birthday."
Yeay ... I think?
National Nutrition Month is The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics campaign to help educate people on the importance of making good food choices. 
Do you think this is important?
Or do you think this is an organizations way of justifying itself
and spending government funds?
Does anyone care?
Based on these statistics, it does not seem as if anyone cares:
2011 CDC Heart disease, Cancer,  Stroke, Respiratory and Diabetes
Top USA Disease-Related Deaths
Unless ...people don't realize that what they eat, drink and put in their body, like cigarettes or recreational drugs, actually effects their health. 
Is that possible?
Absolutely, positively! That has got to be part of the reason. Why else would a national organization launch a campaign every March to help educate people on the importance of healthy food choices?

So what can you get out of this program?
At there are lots of tips. Just go to that link provided (after, of course, fully enjoying this post) and move your cursor to the left side bar. Here, you have tons of tips on healthy weight and healthy weight loss, how to use the MyPlate Guide, how to eat right on a budget, how to eat right while managing a chronic disease, allergies or learning disabilities, and how to eat right if your a woman, a man, a kid, or an athlete. There are even articles on how to keep food safe, and avoid food poisoning. Move your cursor down, a bit, and you can calculate your BMI, Body Mass Index.

Today, I'm going to interview someone and get a 24hour recall of what foods they ate, yesterday. It's for my nutrition counseling class. After the interview, I'm going to plug this information into Supertracker. I will get a break down of their total caloric intake, percentage of carbohydrates, protein and fat. It's a great tool!
You can even use this tool to set goals for yourself, like:
I want increase my fruit and veggie intake to 
2 fruits and four 1/2 cup servings of veggies per day.
Then, track, or supertrack, your intake and what's on your plate!
I love MyPlate
I really do love MyPlate, it's such a better visual than My Pyramid. Only thing it's missing is the exercise aspect. Do you think MyPlate should promote physical activity in any way? Or do you think it's fine the way it is?
How would you build physical activity into this picture?

Stop by and celebrate National Nutrition Month, and
Train Smart Today!
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