Saturday, March 16, 2013

Through the tears, Comes hope

Well, I haven't been doing so great lately. 
The pain in my hamstring and butt has not gone away, even with lowering my mileage, and doing glute, hammy, and quad strengthening exercises. I stopped going to the Chiropractor, the ART therapist and the acupuncturist. They were only band-aids, I really just need:
A diagnosis.
I wanna know ...
Why is my butt killing me? 
Really, my 18-year-old gives me some problems, but I wouldn't consider her a true pain in the ass!
Well, not like this. 
This pain keeps me up at night, it cripples me on long car rides, and look ...
I got balls!
... this is what I use while I'm doing research, writing papers and studying.
I'm done!
And, the tears ...
I'm thinking,"Well, if can't train without pain, and I can't run without pain, I most definitely can't plan my next half-marathon!"
This goal is important to me. 
It really means something, to me. 
Recently, a few friends have been telling me, I guess, the obvious, "Get a diagnosis!" My chiropractor suggested that I go to The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. Another friend suggested that I seek out a Sports Medicine doctor who runs, understands runners, and treats runners. 
So, that's what I did. 
I did a little research, and found Dr. Metzl, a sports medicine physician at the Hospital for Special Surgery. And get this, "His focus is to safely return athletes to the playing field of their choice." He writes for Triathelete Magazine, and he has written two books, The Young Athlete and the one I just purchased, The Athlete's Book of Home Remedies.
Can't wait to get my copy!
So, as luck would have it, when I called, the young lady booking appointments told me there was a cancellation, and I could come in Friday at 1 pm. Poor girl, I couldn't stop crying, because when I called I was in so much pain, I just kept repeating, "I'm really not a basket-case. I' really not. I'm just in sooo much pain, right now." She was adorable, very encouraging and reassuring. I gave her a little bit of my background, and then she said those magic words,
"Dr. Metzl is going to want to see you reach your goal!"
Well, hallelujah! That's what I needed to hear. So, I booked the appointment, and yesterday, I drove into the city to meet with Dr. Metzl.
I even fought cross town traffic and made it on time!
A real first, for me! 
I checked in, got and x-ray, and met Dr. Metzl. 
He looked at my x-ray, and told me that it could be a number of things: a tear in the hamstring (let's hope not), tendinitis, or (most likely) tendinosis. He said that my tendon holding my left hammy to the ischial tuberosity (bottom part of my pelvis) is probably, "Really Angry," because I have a weak butt.  
He then forwarded me a link of a video that he put together for Runner's World, Inside the Doctor's Office: Kick The Pain in Your Butt.  
If you have a pain in the butt, 
from running 
(and not you're spouse, children or boss) 
you gotta watch this video. 
Dr. Metzl explains what the pain is, how to diagnose the pain, and how to treat the pain. For now, I am still in the diagnosing phase. 
Next step: 
So, meeting Dr. Metzl was cool - and he didn't even get upset when I asked him twice, three times, okay, four times, 
"How long until I feel better?"
He just looked at me, smiled and said those magic words:
"Oh, don't worry, I will get you to reach your goal."
13th Half-Marathon: 1st place in my age group
Goal: 37 more trophies - just like this one!
Train Smart Today!
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