Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday: Track & MRI Day!

I've been taking it slow at the track. 
I've been doing all my strength training exercises, 
and I guess that's why
yesterday's four miles actually went really well.
Yesterday was the 1st time, that I felt as if my left leg wasn't just absorbing the pounding of running, but was actually able to produce a bit of force. I could tell by how my left foot struck the road. The road seemed to roll off the front of my left foot, instead of feeling as if my left foot was hitting the road flat like it has been lately!
At one point I was running less than 8 minute mile pace 
- with a low heartbeat! 
So, I was psyched to get to the track today and do a little speed work. I warmed up 1.5 miles, did some strides, which were, brace yourself: 2 seconds faster than last weeks! 
I knew I had some force production going on! 
Next, I ran four 400 meters, with a 200 meter recovery jog. That's when I felt all those squats, squat jumps, lunges and lunge jumps catch up to me. In that last 400 meters, my legs felt sooo heavy. I averaged about a 7:20 minute pace. A little slower than I wanted, but, I'll take it. 
I looked forward to an easy mile cool down and some stretching!
Today, after the track, I had to hurry because I had to drive into NYC for my MRI at the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). My hammy started to hurt while I was sitting in all that NYC traffic. 
Maybe I was trying to distract myself from the pain, 
or maybe I was just bored sitting in all that traffic, 
but I decided to take pictures. 
I always admire people who stop and take pictures along their races, or their runs. I started to think, "Wow, I never do that, so, instead, I'll take pics of my cross town road trip from the Lincoln Tunnel, to the East side, where HSS is, and back to good old Jersey! 
Here goes:
From the Lincoln Tunnel to 42nd Street!
Okay, there are no dancing feet, up this far on 42nd street! Let's take a left on 8th Avenue, and avoid driving into Time Square!
8th Ave
At least it's a nice day out!
I was hoping it would be better to go east on 56th street, than 42nd Street, 
so I turned right onto 56th from 8th Ave.
56th Street, with the Symphony House on the left.
Next pic - just had to take. Look at how pretty the architecture is of this building. This cell phone shot doesn't do it justice, there's all dental molding around each arched window.
The Manhatten Club on 56 Street
 And look, just a bit further, we have Carnegie Hall!
Do, Re Mi, Fa, So La, Ti , Doooooooo!
And how'd you like to work out here?
New York Health & Racquet Club
Okay, there was too much traffic to snap the shot I really wanted. The one with the delivery truck and the guy squatting to lift something - yeah, thank you Mister for that half moon (and crack shot). If only I was better at driving and taking pics! See, this is why I can't run and take photo's at the same time, I'm just not that coordinated!
A little perspective!
 Here's a not so exciting picture of 5th ,
actually I think it's Madison, Avenue.
Yes, it's out of my sun roof!
And another: Park Ave. 
This is actually one of my favorite streets in Manhattan!
Love the green grass divider!
Grass in New York! Love it!
Next pic, you can't really tell, but that's the Queens Borough Bridge up ahead!
1st Ave
Okay, almost there. Making a right on 70th street, and headed to HSS!
70th Street
I've arrived!
Wow! I didn't know MRI's were so loud!
Tomorrow, I go back into the city (I promise no pics!), 
to meet with Dr. Metzl, and get a diagnosis!
I think this is 9th Avenue
On my way back to the Lincoln Tunnel.
Lincoln Tunnel
How lucky am I? It's Passover, it's about 4:30 pm, and there's no traffic! I thought for sure there would be traffic. I guess it's still early. 
Okay, back in Jersey, and passing Giants Stadium. 
Let's go Giants!
Crappy shot of Giants Stadium to the left! 
And this is where the New York Giants train: Timex Performance Center, 
the dome-like building on the left.
Okay, this is a crappy pic, too, but there's no traffic,
so I'm doing at least 60 mph!
I couldn't wait to get home, my butt was really killing me from sitting in the car.
Home Sweet Home!
The snow crocuses are in bloom, on the front lawn, greeting me ....but, oh my aching butt!
Overall, it was your typical drive into Manhattan!
Tomorrow's repeat will be, I'm sure, just as thrilling!
Train Smart Today!
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