Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Great News!

Okay, right now I am in the middle of writing a literature review for a project in my Nutrition Management class, 
but I had to take a break, and finally report the good news:
Remember I said I was interviewing for a dietetic internship
I know, me either.
I can't remember my last name, 
never mind what I posted in February.  
Well, I applied to two. 
I think between the two of them, 
they get more than 4-500 applicants, 
interview 160 students, 
and select 32. 
Well, I am pleased to announce that I am fortunately, one of the 32! 
I have been offered a Dietetic Internship at the university, 
which I am currently attending!
I start in September.
But for now, 
back to
writing the literature review!
I'm so excited!
I did celebrate with some speed work, today! And although I am sitting on an ice pack, while writing my lit review, I did skim off 3 seconds from my last weeks sprint time - and I wasn't even pushing!
Exercise is Medicine!
Train Smart Today!
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