Friday, April 5, 2013

Running Irk-isms

I'm tired of this head cold!
Last week it started. It was really bad. I believe it's the most congested I've been since elementary school!
And, I still can't breathe! 
The stuff coming out of my nose, 
let a picture stand for 1,000 words!
So nasty, right?
Which leads me to a running irk-ism. 
It seems everyone has this head cold these days. Yup, NJ runner's are not immune. Everywhere I run, I see other runners snorting back and spitting.
Just so YUK!
What's going on around here?
I can't stand it when a runner decides to spit. It's even worse when they snort back, and then spit. It's even more worse (now I'm even talking like I'm in elementary school) when this runner is next to you, in a race, and spits out a gross gooberous blob. You try to get away, in fear that this person will be making this a habit throughout the race, but the race is packed with people, and there is no escape. It really doesn't matter if you escape because this behavior seems catchy! You may be lucky enough to kick it in and run away from the throws of the snot spitter, only to bump into the next one a few meters up!

Yes, I run with tissues. 
Okay, I admit. 
My gloves have been coming in handy lately.
These really aren't my gloves!
Maybe I should be grateful it's still in the 30's, and I still need the gloves?

Have any runner pet peeves?
Perhaps one of them is runners that blog about boogers and snot?
Let me know, and 
Train Smart Today!
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