Friday, April 19, 2013

Won't you join me?

The terror of the Boston 2013 Marathon has not ended. 
This morning, I overslept. My alarm didn't go off. I mean, I set it, I just forgot to turn it "on". I awoke to my daughter, saying yelling, "Mom, I gotta go, NOW. Why aren't you up?" Oh, boy. I jumped out of bed, threw on my clothes, brushed my teeth, my hair, and ran down the stairs to see if the coffee maker went off as programmed.
Whew, the coffee was brewed!
Thank God for small gifts.
I poured some coffee. Girlfriend poured her coffee. We were off.
Every two years, the high school band and chorus take a trip to Boston. This year is my daughter's last year of high school, and as a senior, she was soooo looking forward to this trip. The group planned to go on a Duck Tour, have dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe, watch a Blue Man Group Concert, visit the New England Aquarium, and attend a dinner/dance on the Charles Riverboat.
It's a bus, no it's a boat. No it's The Duck Tour!
We jumped into the car, picked up Girlfriend's friend, and drove to the high school, where two large tour buses awaited for about 100 anxious high school teens. I kissed my daughter. Told her, "I love you. Be safe."  And prayed that she would be safe in Boston.
Some people might have thought I was crazy sending my daughter to Boston after this week's terror at the Boston Marathon, especially because we are a 9/11 family. It's true that I couldn't watch the videos this week on the news. I didn't look at the photo's posted on-line. And on Monday, when Side-Kick was texting and trying to get through to his daughter, who attends Boston University, I thought I was going to vomit.
But I'll be damned, if any terrorists think they are going to scare me, 
or stop me or my family from living!
Hence, the running in ALL 50 states!
And allowing Girlfriend to go on her class trip.
I came home after dropping the girls off, and called up to my son to make sure "Sleepy" was getting ready for school. Then, the phone rang, "Mommy, can you pick us up? Boston is on lock down. They caught one of the terrorists. They think there were two. The other one has escaped, somewhere around Boston."
So, I went back to the high school, 
picked up the girls, 
and brought them back home. 
On the way home, it started ...
Girlfriend was upset: "Mommy, I don't wanna go to school. I have an awful feeling, in my stomach. I just wanna stay home."
Me: "Oh, no. You are going to school."
Girlfriend: "But I told you. I have had this sick feeling, in my stomach since Monday."
Me: "I know. We all do, but you can't let them stop you. You must go to school. You can't let them stop you!"
Girlfriend: "I can't believe my trip was cancelled. And, they said a police officer was killed."
Me: "Oh, Lord"
It's very scary, but we can't let them stop us.
Side-kick is in Boston, today. That's where his company's home office is located. I called him when I got back to the house with the girls. Thank God, I got through. He told me that he saw the hi-speed chase last night, and the police boats on the Charles River. He was on his way back from having dinner with his daughter around 10/10:30 PM. Thank God she is safe. She cannot go to school, today. The university is closed. All the school's in the area are closed. The T is shut down. You can't get a taxi. Everything is closed.
It's frustrating. It's anger-invoking. It's emotional. 
C'mon, that little boy, was only 8 years old!
I don't understand. I will run for miles, and miles, my thoughts will wonder, and I will try to make sense of all this, in some sort of way. But I know, I will never be able to make any sense of it because it is senseless.
There is a sense of hope that I know my run today will give me. 
It will allow me the time to pray for the police officer killed last night, his family, and for Marty, the little 8 year old boy who was killed on Monday, and for his family, and for all those who were victimized on Monday, and for those who continue to be victimized, including the group of high school kids whose trip was cancelled, albeit whose disappointment is not nearly as traumatic as those victimized on Monday, but who are also victims of this act of terror.
For me,
running is a way to rise above, 
to move forward, 
to not be stopped.
Today, as I run, I will continue to pray for peace.
Won't you join me?
Train Smart Today!
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