Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hot Coals!

I spent some time on the track yesterday. Not what I expected, but I pushed out eight quarter miles at a sub 7 minute pace. If I weren't so congested, I think I would have felt better running ...I was really out of breath. Weird thing, though, it didn't affect my heart rate - just my perceived effort.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of training next to Speed Racer (notice how I did not say that I was training "with" Speed Racer). Speedy past me laughing because I was coughing and sounded like an old man who smoked for years.  She, of course doesn't even need to breathe when she is running.
I'm not joking! 
She looks like a gazelle when she runs - like there's no effort, it's simply a walk in the park. Same with the man who past me as if I were standing still.
Talk about a blow to the old ego.
Anyway, even though my strides were about two seconds off, my interval pace was a little better. All in all, I'm really glad the congestion is finally breaking up. Afterward, I did 100 squats, 100 walking lunges, 50 jump squats, 50 push-ups, and some fast feet drills. I think that's why my legs feel a bit stiff and heavy, today.
Even so, 
I still managed to push out 4 miles today.
At a decent pace, I might add!
I really shortened my stride going up that one hill that's been killing me. If you've been following me, you know that I've had no strength going uphill. It's all part of this tendinosis/proximal hamstring strain. Today, I did something different. I read it somewhere, I think it was an suggestion, to help step lighter, and increase your pace, run like you are stepping on hot coals, or like a stone skipping across the water.
Yeah, I was just imagining hot coals to go faster,
this person is actually on hot coals.
Q: Why does it look like he's walking?
Anyway, going up that hill, I kept thinking that I was stepping on hot coals. I concentrated on feeling lighter, a little bouncier sort of like ....a gazelle!
Well, the hot coals seemed to work. 
I shaved about 30 seconds off my time on my dreaded hill!
Don't you love when something you try, actually works?
Do you use any mental images to help you run faster, better, stronger?
Train Smart Today!

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