Saturday, May 11, 2013

Training, and more training!

Two more finals on Monday, and I'm done with my post grad certification in dietetics!
I can't wait to start my dietetics internship in September!
In the meanwhile, I've been getting stronger and working toward entering some 1/2 marathons come June. I got my 100 meter sprints down to 18 seconds. So, since starting this new training routine, I have officially shaved 8 seconds off my sprint time! Woohoo!

I still have problems going up hill. I'm about 30 seconds slower overall - on a good day - on a flat road. As soon as I hit a hill, forget it. I slow down like my sneakers were dunked in thick molasses.
And the other day, on the track, I had speed, but no speed endurance. I could feel my legs slowing down. It was like going uphill. IDK. I've been doing an insane amount of squats, jump squats, lunges, jump lunges, and burpees. Maybe my legs are a little tired? At least my butt is ready for the summer & bikini-wear!
There is one exercise I really do not like.
I do it, but keep the weight light.
The dreaded ...
Not a fan!
I do it because it was prescribed as a way to help reduce my problems with hamstring tendinopathy. I can feel it in my upper glutes and my lower back, but for like a day or two, my lower back is really sore. Maybe this is the underlying problem - a weak link from low back to foot strike?
Do you have a dreaded exercise?
Or any recommendations for me?

Anyway, tomorrow is Mother's Day, and I am looking forward to a nice slow run. Right now it's teaming rain, so I hope it washes away all the pollen, cools the temperature down a bit and brings on a nice crisp, non-humid sunny Mom's Day! I hope the same for you, too!
Happy Mother's Day!
Train Smart Today!
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