Friday, June 21, 2013

Are you a Cosmo Girl?

There it was. 
I was at the supermarket checkout.
The cover read:
"Make Sex Hotter" 
"Your sexiest summer ever!"
... Hmm, sounds interesting ...
"What Guys Don't Tell You & Why"
... Crap, if I don't know now, at almost 50, is it even worth knowing? ...
"Sofia Vergara: 'I've Never Had To Plan For Anything'"
... Freakin' Bitch! ...
No, I really do love her. She makes sexy look so easy! And she's hysterical.
"When you can't stop thinking about food"
... Okay, I'm not too old to buy Cosmo, and this last topic is right up my ally. I did just beg for some sort of volunteer position at the local hospital's bariatric center. I really love the idea that I could help obese people make a change, and live healthier lives.
Flipping through the magazine, you see so many beautiful women ...
Many very thin, but with no muscles. Perfectly flat bellies. And gosh, so young. And let's not forget the ridiculous fashions. Shoes that maybe I could wear for an hour, before my feet screamed for sneakers or my special plantar fasciitis stopping sandals. Creams, lotions, and make-up, make-up, make-up .... lip plumping, wrinkle stopping, natural glow enhancing, blah, blah blah. The cynic in me is secretly started hoping that the article on "What guys don't tell you & why" is really about how guys could care less about the wrinkles, how thin your lips, your hair, your eyelashes, or your thighs are - it's just they don't want you to know because all your trying makes them feel special.  Awwww
...but I digress.
Okay, maybe this magazine isn't for me. I mean, I really don't care what celebrity was "caught" eating ice cream, or how celebrity dads take care of their kids, or who looked SKANKY vs. SEXY. I also don't need a list of things telling me what I could do this month. I can't even read some of my favorite bloggers 'cause I just don't have the time between the laundry, the training, and the dietetics summer homework, and all the readings. And as I flipped through the pages, I begin to realize that my wardrobe is very outdated, but hey, at least I have cool work out clothes!
How did I go from an intelligent, healthy, goal oriented, 
and established women?
To feeling old, unsexy, 
and deprived 'cause I can't eat ice cream without having tummy problems?
See, Half-Crazed, this magazine is not for you. 
If I only had Bill shoving his judgmental finger
in my face before the Cosmo purchase!
Just get to the article on "When you can't stop thinking about food" to give you insight for this career your working on. Oh yeah, and as you flip your way through the magazine, ignore the article promoting the use of Slim Fast to quickly lose weight. Oh, boy. Deep breathes. Pray. 
Women don't really believe that being their fittest comes in a bottle of Slim Fast, do they?
I proceeded to read the article, "I am obsessed with food". It's a story about Mika Brzezinski, a Cosmo career columnist, who has had an eating disorder since she was a teen. She wrote a book, "Obsessed". Apparently, Mika would starve herself, binge, and then exercise for hours, starve herself, become over hungry, and binge, continuing this horrific cycle again, and again, over and over. The story is a little confusing, and I can't tell, but I think the book is about her journey with a friend, who was overweight, and also had an eating disorder. Together, they made a pact of more mindful eating, and no skipping meals. It seems that having a social network really helped these two, who both suffer from an eating disorder, even though their disorders were at two opposite ends of the spectrum. 
... See, I thought,
Cosmo, is not all that bad. It was worth buying the magazine.
Then, I turned the page ....
Startled by the image of a person in blue cloth.
I read:
... Is that a girl in there?
How does she breathe?
Hmm, Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez, they're narrating a story? What about? ... GirlRising is a documentary about nine girls around the world struggling to go to school despite child slavery, arranged marriages, and other injustices.
I've never heard of GirlRising before, have you?
June 16th, on CNN. I ran to my TV, and ordered TIVO to record this program. I wanted to learn more.
It was Father's Day. 
I ran 13miles and went off to a BBQ. I couldn't wait to get home to watch the documentary, but still enjoyed the day - especially watching Side-Kick play tee-ball with the kids. The weather was great. Two seniors, my daughter and one other, talking about their college plans in September. 
Good for them, I thought....
Later, that night, I sat down with a cup of tea, a load of laundry that needed folding, and started watching GirlRising. 
The tears flowed, my heart ached. There was a connection. I found myself whispering out loud, "YES, girl, learn, freakin' stand up and learn." Instinctively, my inner cheerleader struck a pose, cheering life,  liberty, justice ....and education,  for all!
Gosh, who would I be as a woman if I didn't want all women, everywhere to have an opportunity to learn, to be educated? To be able to learn, see new perspectives - what a blessing. Education is a gift - one I have tried so hard to get my children to cherish. 
I am a person whose purpose is for positive change.
I must be involved.
You can get involved, too. 
I put a GirlRising icon in the upper left side of this blog.
Just click on the icon, and it will bring you to the GirlRising webpage.
Tomorrow, June 22nd, it will be on CNN, again.
After my husband was killed in the World Trade Center, 
and I was left with two young children,
one of my biggest comforts was knowing that I was educated, 
and could go back to work, earn a decent living,
and care for my babies.
Watch the film,
become educated.
Learn how we can help women, 
around the globe.
Train Smart Today!
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