Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Outlook for upcoming Jalapeño Half, #14

I feel pretty confident that I will be able to finish the
Jalapeño Half in Texas on Saturday. 
How I'll finish, is another story!
This week, I've been scaling back my strengthening workouts, scaling back my runs, and making sure I am drinking enough H2O, beet juice, and tart cherry juice. Of course I eat enough carbs - I'm 1/2 Italian, for goodness sakes!
Tony, aka James Gandolfini, you will be missed!
The little ice cream shop around the corner from me, where the last episode of The Sopranos was filmed has been packed for the last two weeks! Of course, the table where Tony sat was donned with flowers and reserved for their paesano!

Anyway, since my tendinosis and proximal hamstring strain diagnosis, I have been really working hard at building core and glute strength, along with improving my whole kinetic chain from shoulders to feet. Each morning, I get up about 5-5:30, drink some coffee, eat 1/2 a bar for the 10g protein and 100 cals. Just enough to get me going. On Monday, Tuesday and Friday, I train to improve my core, glute, hammy, and quad strength. Mondays, I also concentrate on planks, upper and lower back, and biceps. I think of my biceps as my vanity muscles, 'cause you don't really need them for running, but they sure make your arms look good in a short sleeve shirt! Tuesday, I work on my chest/upper body with more planks, push-up, dips, burpees, mountain climbers, abs and core. I have been doing (and loving) the wood chop and reverse wood chop exercise for core and hip strength:
These are fun! Really!
That brings me to Wednesday, today. I get in trouble if I go to the gym on track days. I wind up doing something stupid, like pistol squats, or lunges and jump lunges. By the time I get to the track, my legs aren't that fresh. I just want so badly for this tendon/hamstring pain and inflammation to go away that I have a bad habit of over training! So, I stay out of the gym on Wednesday morning. I do some sort of work out after my speed work - simple things, like karaoke, donkey kicks, pawning - front and backwards, walk on heels, jump rope, toe/feet strengthening exercises.

Thursdays, I am back in the gym for more core, some shoulders, and tri's. Planks on Thursdays usually involve weights:
Plank Rows
On Fridays, I stick to squats, pistol squats, lunges and jump lunges, hip heist and anything, I missed earlier in the week.
Ready, set, shuffle forward!
This Friday, I will not be going to the gym. 
Instead, I will be on a plane heading to Texas 
to run in the Jalapeño Half.
I'm going to finish!
After all this work, and still pain in the hammy/butt area, I will be happy if I can cross the finish line, and say,
"I prepared the best I could, 
tried the best I could, 
and ran the best I could."
Train Smart Today!
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