Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting Psyched for Park City Half Marathon

I am not ready ...yet, but I'm training for and so excited for 
the Park City Half Marathon on August 17, 2013!

Elevation here in New Jersey: 197 feet above sea level
Elevation in Park City, Utah: 6, 372 feet above sea level
I am not Half-Crazed,
I am absolutely NUTS!

Segue to:
I can do this!
I can do this!
I can do this!

I ran 14 miles on Sunday, and climbed about 500 feet. I am preparing to climb that first 6 miles! Yes this is the race elevation:
Do you see this? 
I need your votes of confidence!
Have you ever been so intimidated by a mountain?
Geeze, it's not like my kids
 - it can't even talk back!
I read on the half2run website about someone who thought it was a great half marathon. He loves to climb. I sense we are not the same type of runner. Dude: I'm sucking down Tart Cherry Juice to deal with my aches and pains, here! Anyway, he went on to explain that it was so beautiful, and there were hot air balloons in the background. I already know, if I see a hot air balloon, I will not be all goose pimply as this guy. I will be more like, "Breathe Half-Crazed, just freakin' breathe!"

I can do this!
I can do this!
I can do this!

I'm really, really, really
Training Smart Today!
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