Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Official Trigger Point TPTherapy Affiliate!

You had me at Cold Roller!
Yes, I love Tom!
He's so yummy! Sidekick knows my passion for Tom, so he likes to bring up the fact that he beat him (actually won by Major Decision = >8 points) in a high school wrestling match. And yes, Girlfriend just graduated this past June from the same high school that Tom Cruise graduated from!
Girlfriend singing the National Anthem at her high school graduation!
Hey Tom, she can act, too!
Seriously, though. I saw The Cold Roller at the Boston Marathon Expo. and I fell in love. 
TPTherapy Cold Roller
This little device combines myofascial release with cold compression. It has definitely helped me through my proximal hamstring injury and hamstring tendinosis. You can bring it to the track with you and roll after doing speed work 'cause  it stays cold for 2 hours! This Cold Roller is like Graston meets Foam Roller! It does not give in when you roll on it. It is tough! But it really helps to restore muscle elasticity and strength. 
After the salesperson explained the Cold Roller,
he went on to explain the Total Body Package
TPTherapy Total Body Package
Of course I ordered it! This kit is great, too. It helps you address trigger points along 12 key areas of the body from your lower leg to your pecs and lats. I follow the DVD's that came with the package - they are pretty straight forward. After rolling, I feel so relaxed - like I had a Shiatsu Massage, but better 'cause it's not as expensive!
The best part:
You learn how to unlock muscle tightness that messes with your kinetic chain! 
You haven't heard me complain about my knee lately, have you? 
Confession: I use the KTTape during races as a precautionary measure, but I thank TPTherapy Total Body Package for happier knees! The muscles around my knees aren't tight because I've "released" them using the QuadBaller, FootBaller, and TP Massage Balls. So the muscles no longer pull on my knee cap. My kinetic chain is functioning better because I'm increasing the structural integrity of my muscles. When your kinetic chain is functioning well you optimally transfer force, and effeciently and effectively release your strength, aka. faster running!

This total body package is not fancy foam rolling! The TP Massage Balls, QuadBaller, and FootBaller really penetrate deep into your muscles! You will need to stick to the deep breathing routine they explain, or else you'll find yourself holding your breath and biting your lip when you releasing trigger points buried deep in your muscles. But after, you feel great. And for runners, this is cheap ART. I was spending tons of money going for Active Release Therapy. Now, I just spend 30'-40' a couple of times a week, in my own house, saving my $$$!

If I didn't believe in it,
I wouldn't have become an Affiliate.

Next product: The GRID
TPTherapy Foam Roller
This is a foam roller, but it is very different from other foam rollers. It has a technology that features Distrodensity Zones and Matrix Technology. Crazy terms - but they really just mean that they're designed to maximize blood flow due to the channels in the foam roller. If any of you have suffered with tendinosis, or a proximal hamstring pain, like I have, you know the number one reason these injuries are so hard to get rid of is because there's such little blood flow going to that part of your leg. The GRID Foam Roller can help maximize blood flow to help heal those overworked, overtrained, sore muscles. The GRID is durable - it doesn't sink in the middle like other foam rollers, and it's "Green" 'cause these foam rollers are hollow on the inside. Combine The GRID with the Cold Roller, and you got maximum blood flow! And we all know what that means:
Blood Flow = Healing
So, tool around the TPTherapy Site. Check out the Cold Roller, Total Body Package, and The GRID. Invest for yourself! I read a Michele Obama statement the other day. It went something like, 'If I had to get up for work, I'd get up for work. If I had to get up for my girls, I'd get up for my girls. So why not get up for myself?' The First Lady was talking about making time in the morning to work out. Well, this is about making a purchase for yourself to do what you love to do ...
Train Smart Today
 ... invest in yourself!
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