Monday, July 8, 2013

Pre-Race Pet Peeves

Yes, Jalapeño Half:
Half Marathon #14!
!st place age group winner!
Next stop: Maine
Old Portland Half Marathon
Half Marathon #15!
I hope at 7:30 am, this half is a lot cooler than this last one in Texas! And, I hope my stomach doesn't blow up on me! Not to worry, though, I already checked out that they have a Port O John at mile #5! I am in luck! Yeay!

I don't really get too nervous about finishing, or my time, or placing. Don't get me wrong, I like to do well. I put a great deal of training into running these races - but how well I do is based on me, and the me that shows up on race day. Bottom line: I'm really grateful I can run. I simply love running. I use it to make sense of things, purge unwanted emotions, think creatively about work & life, plus it keeps me in shape!
There is one pet-peeve I have.
Something that I really get nervous over.
It's annoying & absolutely horrifying: 
Oversleeping, on race day!
Yes, I set my alarm. Side-Kick sets his alarm, too. And, I set the alarm in the hotel room! Still, each night before a race, I either dream that I miss the start, or wake-up throughout the night thinking, "Get up! You overslept!" Only to find out it's just 2am, 3am, or then 5am! It's awful!
Maybe by Half Marathon #33, 
I won't be such a Nervous Nelly over this? 
I mean, I haven't overslept so far. I hope this Saturday I can sleep, and not wake up constantly worrying that I've overslept!
Do you have a pre-race pet-peeves?
Any suggestions?

Train Smart Today!
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